Wyze Wall Switch “additional controls

Can I set a double press control to execute a previously defined shortcut?

I just looked and it does not appear you can call a shortcut. you would have to setup the action in the Additional Control area of the switch.

Yeah. That’s what I thought. I have a shortcut which groups 10 or more devices in a shortcut. I’ll have to manually add all of those into the action for the double click.

Yep. Unless you already have the Logically grouped. then you can call the actual Device Group and not the individual devices

The other thing that I find weird is that the wall switch itself doesn’t show up in the list of devices to control with a double click. I want to turn off what is controlled by the wall switch AND other Wyze bulbs and outlets.

So basically a double press would do a single press and execute the other actions for other devices. Interesting, never thought about needing to do that.

I just looked and verified that does not exist :slight_smile: . However, you can set a Rule up for when you turn the switch on or off to do certain actions on other devices. Not sure that would help out, but just a thought.

You may want to add this as a WishList item.

Yes. The practical implementation is this:

I have a Wyze switch at the top of my basement that controls some can lights on the stairs. I can flip that switch either manually or I have it set to turn on via a sensor when the basement door opens. I also have a motion sensor which flips that switch and turns the stair lights on when I’m approaching the bottom of the stairs to exit. When I get to the top of the stairs I want to double tap the switch to turn off the stair lights and all of the other bulbs and plugs in the basement.

you could set a rule up which says when the Switch goes off, turn off all other devices in the basement.

You can do this with a Rule and not “Additional Control” within the switch.