Can't double tap 1 switch to turn on another switch

I recently picked up some Wyze switches to control exterior lighting. I have 1 switch wired to control an entry light, and a 2nd switch in a different location wired to control some outdoor flood lights. I would like to set up a double tap on the entry light to turn on the floods, I can use the double tap feature to control other Wyze devices such as Color Bulbs without issue, but it does not seem to control the 2nd switch (the option is there, it just doesn’t work). I’ve tried some of the suggestions in the forums for other switch issues such as updating firmware, hard reset on the switch etc, but to no avail. Is there something that I might be missing?

I did come up with a workaround: I use the double tap to turn on a Wyze bulb, and wrote a rule to turn on the 2nd switch when that particular bulb turns on (essentially using the bulb as a memory bit - for those familiar with programming logic). I have another rule that turns off the same bulb, triggered by a push-and-hold on the switch which turns the 2nd switch off. However this isn’t really ideal since I am dedicating a somewhat pricey bulb that I could otherwise be using for its intended purpose, as well as unnecessary energy consumption.

(It would also be nice if the switch had the ability to use 2-taps/3-taps/push-and-holds as toggles instead of only on or off. Ie. double tap once turns light on, double tap a 2nd time turns light off.)


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Welcome to the community @pgri

Currently, the switch doesn’t support turning on other switches yet. I believe Wyze is working on this. I did a similar workaround using an available Wyze Outlet. I turn the outlet on which in turn, turns on the other switches or devices which don’t support certain features.

You can go here and vote for this request as well. I believe it is what you are asking for:

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