Turn on 2 Wyze bulbs at once

Help! I want to turn on 2 lights (wyze bulbs) at the same dumb switch. Essentially, when one wyze bulb turns on, I want the other wyze bulb to turn on. Same with turning off. I do not want to use the app to turn on/off. Any ideas using rules?

  • Create a Rule of type “Device & Service Trigger” for switch on.
  • Give it a name if you wish.
  • For Device & Service Trigger, specify the Wyze Bulb on the same circuit as the dumb switch and select “Turns On”.
  • For Add Action, specify any other Wyze Bulb and select “Turn On”.
  • Optionally set brightness, temp and any other desired features for this 2nd bulb.
  • Tap “Save” down at the bottom of the page.

Your rule will look similar to this:

Create a 2nd Rule of type Device & Service Trigger for switch off functionality, similar to switch on, but select “Turns Off” and “Turn Off” options.

Make sure both bulbs have Power Loss Recovery options set to “Maintain previous state”.

There will be a 3-10 second delay turning on the 2nd bulb and that 2nd bulb needs to be continuously powered. The delay is unavoidable because your primary bulb needs to establish a WiFi connection upon switch on, then the rules need to detect primary bulb on and turn on 2nd bulb. This processing is also not performed locally so lag is introduced from the cloud. The switch off rule should have considerably less delay because the primary bulb is already connected to WiFi.

If the 2nd bulb is on the same circuit as the primary bulb, there is a slight chance that the command to turn on won’t be received by the 2nd bulb as it may be still establishing a WiFi connection and miss the command. You can try it, but it’s better to have the 2nd bulb on a constant-powered source.

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