Two bulbs

I have two lights that hang separately above my island. They are on the same wall switch but when I set up them up on the Wyze Bulb I can’t get them to automate at the same time. I have even grouped them. I am trying to have them both open when the Wyze Lock equipped door opens. Correction turn on NOT open

This rule works fine-as simultaneously as they can with inherent server delay.
It shouldn’t matter how far apart in time they are initially configured. Each one is an independent entity responding to the rule. Your wall switch should always be on and not used to turn them on or off.


@tomp is correct. Another factor is the IoT commands are processed serially, and not in parallel.

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How far apart is the delay?

I don’t know the answer to that-or if there is even a consistent answer. My guess would be that it depends on server load at the time of request and probably also the status of your WiFi at time of request.

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