Creating a rule that keeps a light from turning on during a specific interval

Hi, I’m brand new to Wyze. I bought the Wyze bulbs to solve a specific issue. To wit: I wake up earlier than my lovely wife, often before daylight. My first stop is our master bath which is separated from the bedroom by french doors. So when I turn on the lights in the bathroom, light streams through the french doors into the bedroom, often disturbing my sweetie. There are six light bulbs controlled by the wall switch but the geometry of the room creates a situation where only three of the lights cause most of the problem. Moreover, the remaining three bulbs are more than sufficient to perform my ablutions.

I replaced the bulbs in the offending fixtures (the ones that cause too much illumination to pass through the french doors into the bedroom) with Wyze bulbs figuring I’d create a scheduling rule that prevents them from turning on from 3am to 7am. This seems not to have worked.

Looks like the on/off rule (and probably all the rules) requires power to be going to the bulbs. So if the wall switch remains off all until light is needed, the bulbs won’t follow scheduling rules. Is that correct?

Is there a different configuration I could try? Maybe replace the remaining 3 dumb bulbs with Wyze bulbs but divide the 6 bulbs functionally into two groups. One group turns on whenever motion is detected in the bathroom, with the other doing likewise except between 3a to 7a? Is that likely to work? Guess I’d also need to get a motion detector.

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Correct. Smart bulbs require power 24\7 to keep the WiFi to them active so they stay smart. Flipping the switch off shuts down the WiFi chip in the bulb so they get no Smart Commands.

One option is to go smart device across the board. Install a Wyze Switch (provided you have neutral wiring) and all Wyze Bulbs. The switch can be set up in “Smart” mode that keeps power on 24\7 and you set what devices you want to turn on with a single press or double press of the switch. You can have a single press turn on all the lights and a double press only turn on 1, 2, or 3 of the bulbs.

Wyze does sell Motion Sensors, however this is a very costly purchase for just one sensor. The sensor requires the Wyze Sense Hub to operate and it is currently only sold thru retailers as a Home Security Starter Kit or by Wyze with a Home Monitoring System (HMS) subscription purchase. It is not currently sold individually.

But, that doesn’t mean that you can’t invoke the powers of Alexa and use another compatible brand to control the bulbs thru Routines. All the bulbs would need to be smart bulbs.

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Thanks. Guess the m option sensor option isn’t best then.

How would I know whether I have “neutral wiring?” My home was build in 2002 if that helps

Neutral Wiring was required in the 1980s.

But, you can pull the switch and you should see a 3rd wire labeled neutral besides the “Line” coming in from the breaker and the “Load” going to the lights. Also, it needs to be a single pole switch, not a double pole that has 2-way or 3-way switching.

Take a look at these Wyze articles for official help from Wyze:

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Thanks a million for the suggestions.

The Wyze Switch addition seems simplest but the switch in question is one of four mounted together with a single trim piece (see attached). From photos, it appears the trim on the Wyze Switch is integrated and probably not removable. Is that correct? Are there alternatives that would fit my mounting situation?

I believe that will create a problem. The Wyze Switches are designed for a single outlet box so placing it in a milti-outlet box becomes an issue. I have read of others making some modifications to do this, but I am not sure the success rate. I am tagging the rest of the @Mods & @Mavens team to post in if they have suggestions. In the mean time, I will see if I can find some links to posts where users have tried this.

Thanks @R.Good! That’s the ticket!

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The Switch cover is removable. You should have no problem replacing one of your standard rockers with a Wyze switch and using the same cover.

Here are a few examples of mine and posts I have made. All in teh same thread but they are scattered.


Thanks to Slab and R.G. I was able to get this working. Figuring out how to install the switch was a little tricky (neutral wires were unswitched and simply bundled together) but I got it.