Ghost rule during daily schedule

I have all of my exterior lights scheduled to turn on at sunset and off at sunrise. For some reason, when the schedule triggers my Wyze smart switch to turn on the Wyze Color light V1 on the side of my house, it also turns on the Wyze smart bulb white V1 in my bedroom, I have deleted and reinstalled the Wyze switch and both Wyze bulbs, but the problem still persists. The Wyze bulb in my bedroom used to be the bulb used for the side of my house before I replaced it with the color bulb. I am 100% sure I have everything set up correctly (The smart switch is set to only turn on the color bulb), so the Wyze bulb in my bedroom should not be turning on. It’s as if it’s some sort of a ghost rule that can’t be deleted. Has anyone experienced anything similar to this? It’s so weird. For the life of me, I can’t fugure it out.

My first thought is the bedroom bulb is still somehow tied to the rule. So, even after deleting the bulbs and the switches and then adding them back to app, the MAC address is recognized by the rule.

I would suggest deleting the rule and recreating it with the color bulb.

Hi! I saw your post on Reddit last night, and now just saw it here :slight_smile: I was the one you were speaking with over there.

For the sake of other observers here, I will let people know (OP already knows this) that I passed on the log and MAC address given by OP (to me in Reddit) to a dev who I know can help resolve the Ghost Rule. :+1: Just figured I’d comment here that this wasn’t just ignored or anything, it should mostly get handled behind the scenes.

If anyone else has come to this thread by searching for it because you have experienced one of these rare “ghost rules,” please let us know and submit a log number for the device affected along with the Device’s MAC address and we’ll get it to someone who can resolve it.