Anyone stuck with a ghost 'RULE' they can't delete?

Several weeks ago, I had a rule which turned on (2) Wyze Plugs when a Wyze Door sensor changed to OPEN. I decided one of the lights was not necessary, so I removed that action, leaving only (1) Wyze Plug to turn on.

Several days later, I noticed the light would still turn on when the door opened. The rule was correct, the Wyze Plug being turned on was NOT listed. Then I noticed in the rule history, the rule was running twice. Once with the original list of (2) Plugs, and again with (1) plug.

I changed the rule name, and of course now a rule with the new name runs, as well as a rule with the original name. The problem is, the original rule is NOT in my list of rules. I cannot delete it. I cannot disable it. I cannot change it. It is a GHOST.

I have contacted support, but I get the typical clear app cache, delete/reinstall the plug again. All of which I have done and the rule is still running.

Has anyone seen this? Does anyone have any ideas on how to fix this?

Thank you


I have one undeletable rule. Talked to tech support. They recommended to be patient. They’re aware of the problem and working on it,

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I have this exact issue. A previously deleted rule is still running each day and it’s made one of my Wyze Plug’s useless to me. Were you able to resolve the issue?


Nope. My rule is still running. I check every once in a while to see if an update makes the rule appear, but it is still a ghost.

I’ve tried to contact support several times, but all I get is to reconfigure the WyzePlug or reinstall the Wyze app. I’ve tried to tell them they need to delete the rule on their end, but they don’t understand it.

Just noticed this is happening to me as well. Tried to modify the turn on time of a light (since I can’t select sunset) and the light still turned on at the old time.

Long story short, deleted that rule, created a new one and the old one is still running and turning the light on at the wrong time.

you’re right, can’t even repurpose it as long as that rule is running against it. :frowning:

I had the same situation, too. To repurpose your device do the following:

  1. (If you didn’t delete your device yet). Delete all rules you created for this device. You MUST delete them before deleting the device, otherwise these rules will be stuck on the list forever. It’s a Wyze bug, and it looks like they don’t care about fixing it so far.

  2. Delete the device.

  3. Reregister device with different name. In my case I changed the name from Plug 1 to Plug #1.

  4. Create new rules for this device.

It worked for me. Hope it will work for you, too.


I’ll have to try that when I get home, thanks.

Thanks for the suggestion on a workaround, but wyze support already had me delete and re-add the plug, so this doesn’t work for me. We’re going through all the normal troubleshooting steps now, but I’m not optimistic.

When you re-added the plug did you give it new custom name? Or did you save it with default name assigned by the system?

I gave it a new, unique, name. Unfortunately it updated the name in the “deleted rule” to the new plug name. So, it seems the deleted rule is tied to MAC address or something similar of the plug.

OK, I wish I could help you.

I appreciate the replies and suggestions! Thank you.

Wanted to add that I have had the same result.

Deleted the rules, deleted and re-added the plug. According the the rule history the deleted rule is still running and it is turning on the plug even with a new name.

I’ve followed the steps above, but my rule is still there. Anyone have other suggestions?

I’m having a similar issue with a Wyze bulb. I had a rule set up where it would turn on in the morning only on my work days. But then when I took a day off the light turned on and woke me up. So I decided to delete that rule. Well it continues to turn on at the same time even with the rule deleted. I’ve factory reset the bulb, that did nothing. Now I’ve tried to uninstall and reinstall the app and get rid of all my rules and create new ones. Now I have to wait until my next work day to see if it actually works.

I had a ticket open since Feb 10th and we went through all their recommended troubleshooting steps. I’ve since sent them logs and they are no longer updating me. So, essentially the device is ruined until they take some further action to clear the invalid rules.

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Clearly there is something wrong, can someone from Wyze help us out here?

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Still having issues. I’ve changed the name of the bulb now, I’ll have to wait until tomorrow morning to see if the rule still executes. If it does, I’m returning the bulb and demanding they send me a new one.

Well, apparently changing the name of the bulb did nothing. So the rule must be tied to bulb itself, as somebody else had pointed out. I sent a ticket to tech support, we’ll see if they even get back to me.

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Just putting another reply here to see if there’s been any developments or actions on Wyze’s part.

I have a plug that I can’t use because of non-existent rules running against it. Have deleted, re-added, renamed etc… and no change in behavior.

Thankfully, it’s only the one plug. Was hesitant to change the rules on others when the clocks went forward but they seem to be ok.