Deleted rules for removed devices still running

This one is concerning. I removed some v1 sensors from my app, and deleted the rules associated with them but in my rules history I see the rules still running!

How do I really really delete these phantom rules?

submitted logs 203965


Old deleted rule associated with removed sensor still being run (Front Door Sensor was a v1 motion sensor I removed)

No more “Front Door Sensor”

It indeed ran, uploaded an event video and turned on the lights.

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I’m glad you submitted this. That is a weird bug. Maybe file a support ticket too and reference the logs you submitted.

Similarly, I could not figure out how to fully delete a Wyze Bridge from my account because it is not technically listed as a device in the list of devices. I still see them show up in the Firmware Updates tab, but can remove them for some reason. Might have to try deleting the camera.

I guess if I delete rules in the future I’ll be sure to set them as disabled first, then delete them so that there is no ongoing conflict.

Sounds like the same issue as this thread:
Anyone stuck with a ghost ‘RULE’ they can’t delete? - Ask the Community - Wyze Community (

I have a plug I can’t use due to a deleted rule that turns it on at 5:00pm everyday. Submitted logs etc… No word yet.

’m using android. I’m also having trouble with my Wyze Cam 2 and never got help. Here’s my reddit post 4 months ago. It’s annoying but I just create new rules to counter my old ghost rules. I have this invisible rule that it turns off my camera. I just made a rule to turn it back on a few minutes later. If anyone has a solution, please tell us. I tried everything. Disconnecting reconnecting. clear cache. unisntalling reinstalling.

Yeah “Ghost Rules” are frustrating. Wyze is working on it. Depending on your situation we can probably get a Wyze Employee to look into it.

  1. Are you running the production app or the Beta App?
  2. Click on Add Rule - then Schedule. Now, tell me whether it shows the days of the week with checkboxes or whether it shows the days of the week with circles around them (this will tell us if you are using the Legacy Rules Engine or if you were migrated to the New Rules Engine).
  3. When it happens, will you take a screenshot of your rules history (Account icon, Rules History)?
  4. Also, after it happens, will you submit a Log (Use “Wyze App & Services” as the type of log, Then “Rules” then explain what is going on), and then include a Log ID number here.

We have had some luck with a helpful employee in charge of the rules engines helping figure these things out lately, so I think with all of the above information I think we can get them to look into your situation too and hopefully get this resolved. I can’t promise anything since I don’t personally work for Wyze, but I think we can get you into the right hands…

Then you’ll know that the community here is so much better than Reddit! Just kidding around. :slight_smile: I’m in both anyway, though only rarely in Reddit since I like the atmosphere here better. :slight_smile:

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I’d like to get in on the help from someone inside the Wyze machine…

I have 2 Wyze Plugs which I used to control using rules in the Wyze android app. A few weeks ago I deleted all the rules from the Wyze app and now manage the plugs in Google Home.

Google works fine, but my plugs still turn on and off according to some of the rules I deleted from Wyze. These “ghost rules” make my plugs absolutely useless.

I’m filing a support ticket, too, but indications from other threads are that I’ll just hit a wall of friendly but powerless first-level support. Since you say there’s someone on the inside working on this, pleeeeease have them investigate my account (same email as my forum account)…there should be NO RULES AT ALL active in it.

Will you answer these questions and we’ll see if we can forward this on qsun at Wyze to look into as they have been very successful at finding out what’s going on with ghost rules.

Are you running the production app or the Beta App?


Click on Add Rule - then Schedule. Now, tell me whether it shows the days of the week with checkboxes or whether it shows the days of the week with circles around them.


When it happens, will you take (and post) a screenshot of your rules history (Account icon, Rules History)?

I cleared my rules history more than a week ago and it remains empty, despite the old rule(s) triggering. There is no other service connected to my plugs except Google Home, and I have completely different rules there. Furthermore, all google rules trigger an android notification, which doesn’t happen when the “ghost rules” trigger. It’s definitely a leftover from my old Wyze rules, which mustn’t have deleted correctly.

Also, after it happens, will you submit a Log (Use “Wyze App & Services” as the type of log, Then “Rules” then explain what is going on), and then include a Log ID number here.

I explained my problem in a chat today to CSR “Catherine” and submitted log ID 231167 from my app. Hopefully, someone at Wyze can look at that and make sense of things.

Looking forward to taking back control of these “possessed” plugs…let’s hope a solution can be found!

@WyzeQi is looking into this similar issue I reported. I submitted my logs and have been in contact with them.

Essentially I did the same as you and am running the new Rules engine. I actually removed a V1 contact sensor fully then deleted all of the rules. recently, I was going to test an items for a community member, took my contact sensor added it to the new hub and everything is functioning. However, everytime I open the contact sensor a couple of m lights will go on. when I close the contact sensor, the lights go off.

Rememebr, the Rules were deleted, contact sensor removed. No Rules show up in my Rules history related to the added contact sensor. Perplexing to say the least.

I have confidence that @WyzeQi will figure it out and get this resloved.

@WyzeQi I tagged you in this post as it seems like @kriswilk is having a similar issue as I am seeing. It was indicated that the following log was submitted: 231167

Hope this aids in your research in the issue.

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Thanks for handling it buddy. qsun has been really awesome with looking into and figuring out what’s going on with the rules issues lately. I figure the more examples qsun has for this, the easier it will be for them to figure out the link to both fix current issues and create a fix to stop any future ones. It’s always great to know someone is really looking into things.

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Always my pleasure. qsun has been amazing to work with and finding the issues. with more logs and examples, they should be able to narrow it down.

We’re still working on it. Please be patient. Thank you.


I’m going to jump in and say that I’ve been having this problem for more than 6 months. I have a lightbulb that keeps getting triggered by a cam thanks to a now deleted rule. Its still running even though it’s been gone for more than half a year.

2 questions:

  1. Are you on the new Rules Engine. You will know this by going into the Rules and looking at the day selection. If it a check box, it is the old Rules Engine. If it is a green circle with the first character of the weekday in it, you are on the new Rules Engine.

  2. If you are on the new rules engine, is it still happening as of this afternoon? Asking because my contact sensor ghost rule stopped triggering my lights.

I too have this problem. Two Wyze plugs turning on according to an old rule now ghosted.

Using production app (not Beta) and apparently on the old rules engine based on the presence of checkboxes and not circles in the scheduler days selection.

Hi guys. We checked the logs you provided. Almost all of these issues are in the old Rule Engine. If you’re in the new rule engine, you won’t have this problem. Please be patient, the gradual release will be done in the next couple of weeks.

Would you be able to look into mine as well? I am experiencing this phantom rules issue. I have circles for my Schedule page instead of checkboxes, and the log I submitted with Wyze Support is 266349.

Please let me know if you need any additional info.

Hi @Shadow1020 I’ve got two questions about your issue

  1. what’s your ghost rule name?
  2. when it happened?
  3. could you provide more details, such as the time condition, device trigger, device actions, etc?

I’m having the same issue with deleted plug rules still running. I also have disabled plug rules that are still running. My app has the day circles. When will the new rules engine be deployed to me?