Deleted rules for removed devices still running

I think you’re on the new rule engine now.
Could you provide the following information:

  1. what’s your ghost rule name?
  2. when it happened?
  3. could you provide more details, such as the time condition, device name device trigger, device actions, etc?

Look at the run history for my Radon plug. It ran at midnight, 4 am, 10 am, noon, and 2 pm but I previously deleted the rules or modified existing rules for these run times. The unchanged existing rules are running as scheduled.

Thanks for the reply. The ghost rules are all schedules. One would be called Night Light, turns on around 1130p and off 537a. All times are CST. The other ones all only have an off time of 720a, and they would be called In Cams OFF, OUT Cams OFF, Contacts OFF, and Sensors OFF.

It’s worth noting that I have removed all schedules in my app at the moment for troubleshooting, and none of these show up in my rules history when they run.

Please let me know if you need more info.


Could you submit a log?

Thank you, we’ll look into it.

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@QiS thanks so much, I appreciate your help!

Hi Mike, we solved this issue yesterday. Could you try again to see if the ghost rules still exist?

I am experiencing this issue RIGHT OUT OF THE BOX. It has only been installed for 3 days and have the phantom schedule thing going on.
Now that I see this is a systemic issue, think I’ll just send it back for refund…along with a poor review…

Welcome to the forum @TeeCelly.

Can you elaborate more on your issue?
Which product? What are the behaviors?

Did you set up a rule and delete the rule and the rule is still operating?

The community may be able to provide some assistance.


Hi @TeeCelly Could you give me more information about your issue? Like @R.Good mentioned in the reply above.

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This issue is still occurring on ver
Should be updated in backend, check app rules if found in cloud to display in app again. Then when rule is deleted in app, check cloud for rule(same name variable) and delete in cloud, check for existing rules again in cloud and display in app.

Why is this still happening over 6 months?

Is there a fix for this yet? Same problem now. We set up rules to record events and send a notification when motion is detected while we were away on vacation. We deleted all rules when we came home, but several days later Wyze is still recording our every move in our home.

Hi @Hez918 Could you provide more information about your ghost rule.

  1. Your app version
  2. Your rule name
  3. The device you used in this rule and when you deleted it.
  4. The time when you received the notification.
  5. I also need to submit a log and provide the log id so that we can look into it.

Thank you.

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Also wondering if there is a fix yet. Wyze outdoor plug, ghost schedules running on one of the sockets (on at ~5am, off at 7am).
I currently have zero rules or schedules showing up in the app, and the rules log is empty.

  1. iOS v2.26.21
  2. Don’t remember what the rules/schedules are named
  3. Wyze out door plug. Don’t remember when I deleted it (or if I did delete it. It’s been a long time)
  4. There are no notifications. It just runs the schedule with no feedback
  5. I am unsure how to submit a log.

Hi @draftech we released a hotfix last week, so I think it has been fixed.
If you still have any issue, you can follow the steps below to submit log
Accout–> Wyze Support → Wyze App & Serverice → Rules.

After that, you can send the log it to me.
Let me know if you have any problems.

Hi @Hez918 does your issue still exist? We released a hotfix last week, and it should be fixed.

Nope, the ghost rule/schedule continues to run. I submitted the log as instructed (Log ID 389270)

Thank you, We’ll look into it.

New issue: The plug spontaneously disconnected from wifi, though it shows a good connection when checking my router. It won’t reconnect, so I tried to reset. Setup now fails repeatedly. Submitted log and screen shots (Log ID 392731).

It may be caused by Amazon Web Services Outage which hits many companies. Please wait for a while and we’ll look into it.

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