Ghost rules! Whre are rules backed up?

For Christmas I created a schedule to turn some lights on and off with a Wyze plug. That worked fine and after taking down the lights I re-purposed the plug to something else with a different schedule.

The problem is that the plug is still turning off every night at 11:30. If I look at the Rules History I see that the turn-off rule is failing every night at 11:30. But I’ve deleted the rule. Really! I tried deleting and re-installing the device and renaming it, but it’s still happening. I’ve tried having ALL my devices with the app turned off at that time but it still happens.

Anyone got a clue where the unwanted backup of this rule (schedule) is and how to get rid of it?

I believe the rules are stored in the cloud, but deleting one should delete it in the cloud. I would call support on this and see what they can do.

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