Schedule doesn't disable bulb thats already turned on/off by motion sensor triggers?

I’ve got a Wyze bulb thats triggered by a Wyze motion sensor on the ceiling.

Its in hall with lots of natural light, but of course the rule and the sensor work 24/7.

I thought I could then use a Schedule rule, which I used to set the Bulb off at 9am and on at 7pm.

Bulb still comes on 24/7 when motion detected. Is there a way to make this scenario work with the current Wyze ecosystem? Or do I need to wait for some updates already in the pipeline?

Hi Anth! Welcome!

Unfortunately, within the Wyze eco itself, I do not think so because they operate “independently.” If the motion is set to turn on a light, the it will turn on the light. And the time schedule you set, will operate independently. You are looking for a combination where for example, if its between 9AM and 7PM, then turn in light is motion is detected…

You’ll probably want to visit the link below and vote for that future option.


It’s in beta mode right now…

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Awesome, thanks for the heads up.

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