Making rules

How to create a rule that will ONLY turn off a bulb turned on manually

How do you want it to decide when it should turn off, then we can help create a rule.

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There is no straight forward way to do this with the Wyze Bulb alone if you are using a standard switch, fixture, or lamp with the Wyze Bulb. Primarily the Wyze Bulb requires Constant power, so IF on… It’s on and a Trigger rule will turn it off at X time regardless.

You could do this with the Wyze Switch (Which Supplies Constant Power triggering the Wyze Bulb “On/Off”), where IF the Wyze Switch was “on” by the rocker push you could then turn it of via a Wyze Switch rule, IF Switch is “On”, not IF Bulb is “On”.

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I want to manually turn on the light, through the app, while out of state. I want to make a rule that will turn it off at a specific time ( I’ve turned on lights but sometimes forget to turn off—again I’m out of state doing this). When trying to make a rule it appears I have to have an “on” time, which I don’t want. My other devices (non-Wyze) allow me to set both on and off times or just one or the other.

Through the app, not a switch

Gotcha, thank you for the extra details.

You could set a Scheduled Rule that turns the light off every night at the same time. Start time would be the off time. Do not set end time and the action will not reverse.


Ok got it. I was misinterpreting the “start time” as turning on the light not the “action” which is to turn off. Now it makes sense. That’s what happens when you grow up in a time with one black phone in the corner and an old black & white tv with 2 channels in a large city. If someone said “computer” you wonder what the hell is that! Thanks!

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