Just bought Wyze bulbs. Rules not working at all

I bought your bulbs. Set them up with on my iPhone with my network just fine. Set up “turn on” and “turn off” rules for two bulbs. Neither one turns on or off automatically.

Welcome to the community @wanganui

Can I ask you to take screen shots of your On and Off rules and then post them here?

We can then review and try to determine the cause.


Thanks for the post. I marked this on your image:

Your rule turns on the light and then off again. No need to do that.

You have 2 options:

  1. Leave your time settings as is. But remove any action which turns the bulbs off. When you set an End Time, the opposite action will occur. So you set up the Light to turn on at 7:30pm. At the End Time (Sunrise), the lights will go off.


  1. Remove the End Time from the Rule and Remove the Turn Off actions from the Rule. So this Rule will only turn on the lights. Then create a second Rule with a Start Time being Sunrise. This rule will do nothing more than Turn off the lights. No need to add the action to Turn them On.

In summary and assuming you want to keep your Rule

  • Leave the Start and End Time as is.
  • Remove the Action Turn Off for all bulbs or devices being used here.
  • save the Rule

you should be fine from now on.