On/Off Rule Problem with Wyze Bulb

I’m having problems getting rules set up to turn my bulbs on/off at specific times. I had multiple shortcuts for this purpose before software/firmwares upgrades and am using the latest version in all cases.
My problem is that I sometimes get a message that “Start time must be before end…” message seems to be stopping the rule. I’ve deleted and created new rules. One bulb seems to be working but the same rule for another bulb at a different location is hung up with start/end times. I just redid both rules on the same iPhone, same time and had one rule accepted and the other blocked. I’m using start around 6:30 AM and end about 8:20 PM for now. Am I missing something basic or are others having similar problems?

thanks, dale

Hmm, might my problem have to do with the bulb in question being on a remote wifi network that I can’t access from home?

It could be yes, to update a device via the app the app needs to be able to connect to the device. If this is not possible you may have to update your local devices now, then the remote devices next time you connect to them.

If your remote router supports VPN, you should be able to join the remote network that way.

I use Xfinity remotely and think VPN is supported but I haven’t been using. I’ll look into this which could come in handy for multiple reasons. In the meanwhile, I’ll use two schedules to manage my bulbs remotely.


Did you ever come up with a way to do a rule to turn the lights on and off? I have to write two rules one to turn them on and one to turn them off. And if there’s a way to do it with just one rule that would be awesome and I would love to know how to do that.