Rules not working for bulbs and plugs

I setup different rules for my Wyze color bulbs
and Wyze plugs.

They are not working. Everything is up to date with firmware etc. I’ve use rules/schedules before with no problems. Now nothing is working properly.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you.

Welcome to the community @rkgm29 .

Could you provide an image of your rules? In addition, can provide a description of what the rule is intended to do.

Once posted we could see if there is something which stands out.

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Here is the information requested.

I originally programmed these as groups and it didn’t work. I just programmed them yesterday individually to see if it works.

They are designed to turn on lights just before sunset and off at a selected time.

Please let me know if you need any additional information.

Thank you!


Thanks for the rules image, I see a problem in the Rules. You do not need to add the Turn Off action (image attached with arrows to what I am saying). The Rule is setup to turn on the bulbs or plugs at a certain time and then when the end time comes, they will turn off.

Basically, modify your Rules and remove the Off Action for everything where there is an On Action. In general your rule is telling your devices to go on and off at the same time when you have the actions setup the way they are.

Note: When using the Sunset or Sunrise as part of the start or end time, there is a 2 hour or so limitation. Not sure exactly when it kicks in. But to get around that, you would simply remove the end times from your rules. This will turn on your bulbs and plugs at the given time. Then setup another rule to turn the bulbs and plugs off at a given start time.

Basically doing this:

  • 20 minutes before Sunset will be the start time and then the actions would be to turn on your devices.


  • 11:05 pm or 11:00 pm will be the star tune and then the action would be to turn off your devices.

Thank you…I made the changes as you instructed.


If it does not fully work, report back here and we can look at other options

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