Has anyone found a bulb that DOES follow rules

I’ve tried finding a solution to this issue on and off for about three years, depending on how much time I have to noodle around with it. The rules have never worked properly for more than maybe a week at a time. I’m done trying to get support to figure it out. (I don’t think they know what to do.)

Has anyone found a bulb made by someone other than Wyze that DOES follow rules without any issues? If yes, let me know!


Sorry to hear you are having an issue with your bulbs and rules. I have had the bulbs for sometime now and have had great experience with them and the rules which they are part of. I know you are asking for suggestions on other bulbs, but I honestly don’t have a suggestion for that. What I would ask is the following:

  1. Can you post a description of the problem you are having
  2. Can you post your rule you are using, a picture of it would be fine
  3. Can you provide the App Version you are using and the Firmware of the Bulb
  4. I see you are using an iOS Device, can you provide the iOS versions as well.

If you provide this, the community and myself can provide some form of assistance.


We love pictures!! :slight_smile: Also make sure that all actions that you added to the rule are shown. Also, for the time that the rules stopped working, what does the rules history show? a screen shot of that with the dropdowns shown will also help trouble shoot here. (Account - Rules then the history tab is at the bottom)

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Problem: I schedule the bulb to turn off and on every day at a certain time. Sometimes it turns on at the right time or I have to turn it on. Sometimes it stays on all night without turning off. PHOTO attached.

App v. 2.28.0 (a11)

iOS 15.3.1


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Your “turn on” and “turn off” actions effectively cancel each other out. You only need The turn on action if that is what you want to occur at your start time. The opposite of your start action will automatically run at your end time, in this case it’ll automatically turn off. All actions that you add to the action list all run at the start time so when you have two opposite actions added, they either cancel each other out or don’t act as intended.

In your use case I would remove the turn off action. Is it just those actions in that rule, or is there more farther below?

Edit/ More convo about this same issue here:


I must commend you, you were able to concisely articulate the issue screenshot your rule and even added your firmware and app version in there. Things we don’t get as often as we need when trying to troubleshoot with people.


A really simple solution to all these rules and action problems is for Wyze to produce a clear set of instructions defining the terms, e.g., rules, actions, scenes etc and step by step procedures for scheduling, setting color/temperature/brightness. Just don’t understand how a company can put a “smart” product out on the market and then not provide the basics on how to program it. What are you all thinking?

I’m glad the info worked! I think (fingers crossed) my problem is solved.

At first, I felt silly that I hadn’t figured that out by myself but then I remembered that I have spent hours searching the forum and even spoken to tech support about this issue and the issue was not resolved until now. To me, customer service is a HUGE problem that Wyze needs to solve.

I had other problems a few months ago and went round and round trying to figure it out. It turns out that there was something wrong with the router my internet provider had given me.

I love Wyze products, but the directions they provide for things are shoddy. I’m not an expert, but I’ve been around the block a few times and even with my background knowledge things often don’t make sense.

For what it’s worth, a couple of months ago when none of my cameras would connect I got so frustrated that I actually bought cameras from a different company and set them up. The process was SO easy and self-explanatory, but they wouldn’t connect because it turns out my router was the problem. I even contacted their customer service department, they called me back within 2 minutes and the rep was AWESOME!

I stuck with Wyze because I’ve invested a decent chunk of change buying many of their products and I didn’t want to start over again, but now I know that there is another company out there with prices only a fraction more than what Wyze charges who can actually communicate with customers, I like Wyze’s business model and the way the little start-up has expanded. Maybe they’ve just expanded too fast and can’t keep up. Hopefully they’ll catch up!

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Thanks! I am pretty certain this was the solution to my problem! I will now set up the other bulbs I have and test them out.
Thanks again!

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OMG! Agreed. See my previous post!

its odd to say this but I am confident that many on the maven and mod teams have been in the Wyze ecosphere longer than some of their support people. with that comes A LOT of experience and of course amazing collaboration amongst ourselves to find solutions. and from time to time both the maven and mod squads do talk to Wyze managers, we serve occasionally as a focal point of issues that are common here on the forums and being them to their attention and help them understand what people are having trouble understanding or using. BUT!!! and this is a big but…know that many PM’s are lurkers, and they do scour the forums from time to time but with the limited time they spend here in comparison to mods, mavens and Gwen, there’s only so much they can pick up. I wish everyone knew how many implementations they have actually made that they got from right here on these pages. know that we do bring issues such as rules explanation to their attention whenever we get the chance. I spoke to a Wyze employee recently and had the privilege to be able bring some things to their attention, I will say there are some good changes on the horizon.

just keep sticking with it and remember if you ever cant figure something out don’t hesitate to tag in any mavens or mods. it’s what we are here for, any day we can find a solution is a good day for everyone involved.