What happened to the rules?

I don’t know what happened, but now my bulb rules are all screwed up. They used to work great but when I run them most of the bulbs just turn off when they are supposed to still be on. Even the rule says turn bulb on. It’s almost like they aren’t in chronological order and receive a status before the next command.


Can you give specifics of a few of the rules that have gone wonky? Maybe a screenshot or two? I’m wondering if they are time based, or what…

They did not turn on like the log said they did. It’s very random whenever I press my rule some lights go off and others come on. Not what I specify though… I want to help you out cause I got like 15 bulbs, 4 cams, 1 scale, 2 watches from y’all

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You tell me what else you need

And I am a rookie here, but one developer to another or QA, do you think you should wait to run the next rule after the previous returns positive? Or even a time lapse.

So that looks like it’s trying to turn a device-group of lights off, and then turn a bunch of individual lights on. Is that right?

Correct. My rule turns off a group, which is basically all my bulbs, then is supposed to turn back on like 4 of the 15. Log says successful, but the bulbs do not come back on. Actually, a couple do and it is random which ones come back on each time. This used to work just fine for the past 7 months or so. Stopped working correctly maybe a month ago. This is the case for all my rules for bulbs, so now I have to do it manually.

Saw another post somewhere on the forum about a similar issue. As I recall it had something to do with the timing of the execution of various steps in the rule. Would you try a modified rule that excludes turning off the whole group as the first step and see if everything else works? You might need two rules as a workaround, turning off the group a minute or so before turning on the individual bulbs.


Yeah, definitely there are workarounds. That’s what I am doing now. I can modify my rule. It’s almost like it changed from sync to async. Or a least waiting for one step to finish before executing the next. Thank you.

Did you happen to read this post? Seems to be related.


If bulb rules work anything like those for my plugs I found (after much frustration) that group rules take precedence over individual device rules and trying to mix them would never work as expected. The only solution I found was to forget about groups and set up each device individually.


I’m having this issue and WildBill added a screenshot of my posting from a few weeks ago. I’ll try to ungroup my rules and see if that resolves the issue.

I have two bulbs in my living room. One of them is supposed to turn on in the early morning at 5:30am and then off in the late morning at 10:00am. In the evenings, both are supposed to turn at the same time at 7:00pm, dim to 1% starting at 10:00pm then turn off at 12:00am. Both have been dimming to 1%, but staying on 24/7 at 1% unless I turn them off manually. Hopefully breaking up the group rule resolves this though. It’s so annoying!

Should be in chronological order based on the app. Shouldn’t matter if it is a group or not.

I feel your pain

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That would be logical but with my plugs it was definitely not the case. Don’t have bulbs so I can’t comment on them specifically but I suspect the core code for rules is likely common for all devices.

There’s another thread about this same issue. Seems the brightness snd temp actions borked the on/off schedule completely.

Here’s the other thread Bulbs not turning on/off with rules - #11 by pgran

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I have the same problem. My setup is 1 bulb with 1 motion sensor. Both are in my pantry. I have 1 rule to turn on the bulb when motion is detected and 1 rule to turn off the bulb after motion is no longer detected. Simple setup.

The motion sensor indicates motion. The “On” rule indicates successful completion. But, the bulb doesn’t turn on. It doesn’t fail consistently. In other words, it’s an intermittent failure. :man_shrugging:t2:

Just to confirm, you start by turning all lights off and then turn on specific lights, assuming at a specific time or event.

The issue cold be a latency issue between the bulb, router, and the cloud with the rules. I have experienced an issue where I have a group of bulbs and at a certain time they are supposed to go on. Sometimes one bulb takes longer than normal for them to come on, but actually does and the Rule History will show success because it does work. There currently is no method for the rules to wait until the previous action has been successfully completed. Because of this, I also have 2 separate rules one to turn things off and the other to turn things on.

The other method I have done is to not use a group, but use the bulbs independently, or grouped things a little differently. Then I only turn off the bulbs I want off and the other bulbs I turn on. So in your example, don’t turn off Lights. Turn off the lights not contained in the Bedroom, Kitchen, Living Room, etc.

All I have is a rule that turns off a “group” of bulbs, 16 and then turns back on 4 of those 16 individually. Pretty simple if you ask me. No brightness change, no color change. Off and on. What is the sense of groups if they don’t work with rules? Not to mention they used to work just fine until a few weeks ago and I have been using that rule for over a year. I don’t want to setup 16-20 bulbs individually with each rule.

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