Color bulb / plug rule not working

Set up rule that if bulb is on, plug goes on & another rule when bulb is off then plug goes off.
Plug goes on ok but wont turn off according to the rules.
Tried several times, deleted rule, tried again, changed plugs, still plug does not go off.
Any suggestions? Tried support but not much help. Thanks

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Can you post pics of your rules.

How are you turning off the bulb? Via app, AI, or standard light switch

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I’m not sure that I completely follow the situation, but it sounds like the issue, is that when the power is shut off to the bulb, that the rule to turn off the plug is not running.

If this is the case, then it makes sense, since turning off the power to the bulb, is not the same as the bulb being turned off in the app or by a rule. In that case, the power is still on to the bulb, but the bulb has been set to the "OFF state, and since the power is still on, then the bulb is capable of generating events that trigger the rules.

But if the power is shut off to the bulb, then the bulb cannot generate events for the rules, because, well, because the bulb has no power.

OK, I admit that this is just a guess about the situation, but if this really is the situation, then it makes sense to me that the rule when the light goes off won’t be triggered by a device that loses power.

I’ve tried running bulb both through the app& standard switch. Thanks

The explanation @B57 gave was where I was going with my question in regards to if you are using a physical switch to turn the bulb off.

The bulbs require constant power for the “Smart Capabilities” so if you were turning the switch off the rule would never know to fire because the bulb could not talk to the system to fire the plug rule.

The rule looks right though.

Do you have it on a specific schedule?

Well that does make sense😵‍💫
I dont have the bulb or plug on a schedule, should I?