Wyze Plug & Lightbulb, simple automation question

Greetings everyone!

I have a Wyze plug w/air refresher in my bathroom. I want to buy a Wyze Lightbulb so that whenever the lightbulb is turned on-- the plug will turn on-- and remain on for a set duration after the light’s turned off.

That sounds simple and intuitive enough. But I haven’t used many smart home stuff before so I just want to make sure that’s doable?

The lightbulb won’t be plugged into any smart plug, FYI.

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How do you want the light to turn on? You can create an app shortcut that has two actions, turn on bulb and turn on plug. Then another app shortcut to turn off light and turn off bulb. You’d have to turn the products on and if via app, not the bathroom switch, that’d have to stay on.

You can also make a trigger rule that whenever the bulb turns on, turn on the plug. Then another rule to turn off the plug when the bulb turns of, weither instantly or however minutes later.

Best bet is to read up on the support pages to learn what Wyze can and can’t do for you.


The light is just gonna be on a normal switch-- flip it on/off.

If you want to spend a little more and open up a world of possibilities, move up to the Wyze Sense package. You can put a contact on the door and write a rule that does both
@Omgitstonyhave you good advice-check out the Support first!