Wyze Plug: Rule for power on?

Is there a rule to say “When power is received by the unit, regardless of the previous state, always turn the plug on”?

My use case is a bedroom lamp. It has a wall switch. When I get ready for bed, I turn the light switch on. The Wyze Plug receives power and I would like it to always power on. Then, when I’m in bed and I’ve finished getting aggravated by social media, I use the Wyze app to turn off the plug remotely. This leaves the wall switch on but the light off. I’d like to be able to turn the wall switch off and then when I come back later, turning the wall switch on would energize the Wyze Plug and it would also turn the plug on, even though its last state was off.


No. The plug will default to the last on\off state it was in when power was terminated. There are no rules triggers that will activate when power is restored to the plug.

I don’t use Wyze Smart Switches, but I believe that installing one would allow you to use the switch in Smart Control mode to switch the plug off without removing power to it so that the plug remains powered 24\7.


With a smart switch (Wyze or other) would you need the plug? Can’t you do all of the actions with the switch? They are controllable via the app aren’t they? You should be able to turn on the switch manually, then turn it of via the app, right?

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Good point. No, you wouldn’t need the plug if you wanted to just go with the switch as it can be used from both the app and the switch.

But, if there are timer or schedule options that you want to use on the plug, the combination of the two does seem to add some ancillary functionality. The Wyze Switch was designed specifically to be paired with other Wyze smart devices, so it should have added benefits when used in tandem.

I don’t use the switches because I don’t have neutral wiring. :disappointed: I have to use incredibly expensive no-neutral GE Cync switches. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I am hoping that someone who has both employed together can bring more details to the conversation. Tagging the other @Mavens for a more experienced perspective.

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