Manual control of plug

When the plug is in the off position, I can’t turn the lamp on manually. Why is that?

Which plug?
There is a button on the side of the Wyze indoor wall plug, that when pushed, will turn On/Off the device plugged into the plug.


And the obvious answer to your question is that when the plug is in the off position it is not supplying any power. So of course your lamp’s switch won’t turn the lamp on. It’s essentially unplugged.

Other smart plugs (older X10s) apparently had a sense feature that could still turn on this way when they detected a new current draw. Wyze does not.

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Controlling the Wyze plug it’s the manual button still allows it to be turned on or off via the app or other compatible device later.

Right, that’s what Mark was talking about. But those old X10s could actually allow the lamp’s own regular on/off switch to trigger the current.