Wyze Plug option


Is there anyway to set the WYZE plug to stay in the “off” mode when power is applied to it?

Currently I use WYZE bulbs, and during power outages (frequent this winter) when power is restored, the bulbs turn on. This is normally not a bad thing unless they are in a bedroom and it is 3am.

We have been told that that is the way that bulbs have to be. If the lamp or light switch turns on, you want the bulb to come on.

With a plug, there is no need for that option.

If I powered the bedroom lamps (with WYZE bulbs) via a WYZE plug, when power is restored the lamps wont wake us.

There should be a setting in the app to let you choose the plug condition when power is applied to a plug.


That’s already how the plugs work. After a power outage, they return to their previous state.


I’ll second that… my Wyze plugs all return to their previous state after a power outage. :+1:


And they are looking into the light situation. Have them behave the same as plug. Return to previous state.