Wyze bulb power-on behavior option

With the advent of summer storm/power outage season, I keep coming home to all of my Wyze smart bulbs turned on. I realize this may be some sort of safety default issue, but it would be nice to have the option to choose to have the bulb return to the state it was in before the power outage.

Hi @pat_anastasi,
You can already set the Power Off/ Power Return status in the App.
From Home Screen: Select your Bulbs Group/ Select your Bulb/ More/ Settings (Gear Icon in upper right)/Power Loss Recovery/ Maintain Previous State.
Good question though - that is a kind of buried option. Thanks for the question!

Since your post involved an existing ability it was moved to this Category.


They have this option like @tomp said by it doesn’t seem to work for me anyway. I would like the option to default turn lights off when power is restored.

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The previous state option seems to have stopped working for me. Mine lately have been returning to bulbs on.

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