Let us sleep! Option to Default to OFF after lost connection

Can we get an option to have bulbs default to OFF when connection is lost?

The power to my house can be finicky, particularly with inclement weather. Sometimes at night, the wind blows and the power goes out for a second. This will happen while everyone is sleeping, and suddenly all our smart bulbs will turn on and wake us up!

As the “techy” person of the home, I am held responsible for this nuisance and everyone is upset that the lights turned on while they slept. This has now happened several times. I contacted support and they said there’s nothing I can do – there is no way to prevent them from turning themselves on. He suggested I call on the wishlist, so here we are!

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@amriffel Welcome to the forums!

What is your bulb settings? See support article below for Power Loss settings.


Yes! This is it! Thank you for directing me to this article. Wyze Support had told me this feature did not yet exist so I’m thrilled to learn that it already does.

I really appreciate your help and quick attention to my distress. :smiley:


Has this been looked into? The fire service in me is worried there might be a loose something, or a short somewhere, maybe even a fire hazard lying hidden somewhere.

Glad @StopICU33 was able to find your answer for ya!

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