Wyze Lights Turned On Randomly

We woke up this morning to the lights on in our little ones room this morning. They were turned off before we went to bet. I looked back at the history and around 5:40 AM both of the lights turned on. Everyone was asleep. Could this have been a power outage that caused this? If so I think it would be really important to add a feature that if a bulb loses power then gains it back to make sure they stay off at specific hours.

Hello! There is a power loss recovery option in settings and sounds like “return to previous state” is what you would prefer. Unfortunately there is no time modifier for that setting. Was it the rule history that you looked at? If there is an entry there that means the bulbs were turned on by a rule.

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Thanks I think the power loss is what actually did it. I looked at all my cameras and they went offline for 20ish minutes. Then when they connected back the lights were on. Never knew about the power restore setting. All my bulbs are in groups and you have to drill down into each bulb. Thanks a bunch!

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Yep! It’s an individual bulb setting. Your welcome!