Bulb Firmware Beta test 11/12

Beta app required for this update

  • iOS: 2.15.31(2)

  • Android: 2.15.23

VERSION: 1.2.0. 313
  • Improved the connectivity for the bulb

  • Bulb auto-connect to resolve bulb offline after power outage;

  • Adjusted logic to reconnect the Wyze Bulb to the previous network if the setup is not initiated within 5 minutes of the bulb going into pairing mode

  • Fixed a bug causing sleep routine schedule conflict with the on/off timer

  • Sleep Routines

  • Reconnecting after losing connection


This is a GREAT update! I have thought about some of these needing to be implemented and here they are! Great job team!

Another one to consider related to after a power outage: Currently when my bulbs lose power, when it returns they will all turn on and stay on. This woke up my whole house after a power outage and I had to manually manage all of them (including check some in closets we rarely use, or go manually handle lights that are normally automated with contact or motion sensors). We had continual outages on and off for about a week due to a storm, and it just got frustrating. I had to disconnect most of the Wyze lights at night to prevent this issue until the power company fixed it.

It would be great to have the firmware check what the most recent status was before it lost connectivity and within X-seconds automatically change the status back to that previous state (if they were off, turn them back off again). This way when outages happen I can just confidently stay in bed next time, knowing if the lights all turn on, it’s just temporary and Wyze will revert them to their last known state.

EDIT: @DJ-BrianC pointed out that the above recommendation already exists in settings and that I just somehow overlooked that update!

They already maintain current state. Check your settings!

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THANKS! Somehow I missed that update! That is awesome.

My wife pointed out that the 2 power loss recovery options may need an added third option of “Turn off the light” in addition to “Turn on the light” or “maintain previous state”, Rationale: let’s say I lose power at 8pm while all my lights are on. I go to bed and power is restored at 3 am, no matter what setting I had listed, the lights would all turn on and wake everyone up. If there was a third option, then I could have the default restored position be “off” so it’s not waking up the whole house when power is restored because that was the state it was in when we lost power at 8pm.

The problem with doing this, is that it might be confusing for some people who flick the lights off with a normal switch, then flip the switch to turn them on and the light would remain in the off setting even though the device turns on and connects to the WiFi. Of course, the “maintain previous state” has this same issue in some cases. If I lose power, then go around and flip off all the light switches (even to lights that were already off), when power is restored to the rest of the house, those lights still won’t have power because I flipped the switch. Now when I next flip the switch on, they will receive power, but could remain off because some of them were previously off. Therefore, adding a specific setting to default to off when power is restored is not much more problematic than allowing to “maintain previous state”. I’d love to have that option as a choice. I would probably set it that way for all the bedrooms.

On the other hand, there is one problematic scenario. If you have it set to “maintain previous state” or “turn the light off” when power restores you could have this issue: your light is off, then power goes out, then internet goes out, then power restores, but not internet, you can never turn your light back on because there is no internet to tell it to change state. At least with the “Turn the light on” default it will always work as a regular non-wifi bulb too (you can flip the switch off, it turns off, you flip it on, it turns on, even with no internet). If you set it to maintain previous state or turn off, then it won’t work that way anymore…I guess unless you flip it 3 times…then it will turn on.

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