Wyze Bulb: Auto Recovery after power outage

Twice in the recent past we have experienced a short power failure. I currently employ over a dozen Wyze bulbs and a multitude of Wyze outlets and sensors. Most devices are in groups and associated with rules. I have gone so far as to lock down light switches to prevent accidental resetting.

The most recent power failure lasted mere seconds but was enough to bring down the Wyze bulbs, and rules.

My wish is that they have the capability to recover and reconnect to WiFi, ON THEIR OWN! Built in!

This has been a frustrating mess here and tech support can only suggest I manually reset each device as if a new install. This is absurd.

I have over 100 Smart devices in my home ranging from security cameras to bulbs to sensors to outlets and switches, etc. The Wyze products are the only devices that do not recover without tedious intervention on my part. Nowadays, that is rather draconian.

I have been a big fan, and have anxiously awaited the release of the Wyze Outdoor Camera. but these last couple of episodes have tarnished my perception of Wyze and has made me a tad gun-shy.

Please, make improvements in this area.


The bulbs should reconnect after power failure. Can you please provide your support ticket number so we can ask someone to look into the response you received from support?

See also this existing wishlist topic:

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I don’t relish throwing anyone under the bus. Wyze tech support has always been good. But, the issues have not subsided even to this day.

I have had to climb up on a ladder to “add new bulbs” one at a time because using a light switch resets the entire group of bulbs.

But, still some of the rules won’t work anymore. Device names are the same and I can even see the little red light on a motion sensor flash when it detects motion, but, it won’t turn on the lights as it once did.

Some won’t turn off when the area clears, as was once the case.

Short of turning the rule off and on in the app, I don’t know how to fix these issues. It has become a real pain and very time consuming.

“ Wyze Ticket 622051”




Agreed. For me, it doesn’t seem to be an issue for flickering power, but if out for awhile it will not reconnect. Going to experiment with an UPS on my router and see if that makes a difference.

So, I assume I will have to reinstall the door and motion sensors that no longer follow the “rules” from scratch also, yes?

Well, we had another storm roll through this evening. I was sitting with my wife eat dinner when the power went off, literally for a second. That was enough to bring down the Wyze devices again! I only just got the motion sensors back online from the last fiasco by having to reinstall them as new devices.

Now, I must go through all this crap again. One Wyze device at a time. Manually unscrewing the bulbs because they are in groups.

Words cannot describe how livid I am. LIFX bulbs came right back online. Dissect one!

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My suspicion is that the power is flickering when it goes out enough times to reset the bulbs. Could you please tell me what firmware version they’re using?

I was sitting her watching when it occurred. None of the lights went into setup mode. They did not blink nor change to the yellowish hue.


Same exact problem here. All Wyze bulbs remain offline after power outage but every other device in my house reconnects immediately. This is very frustrating (especially this time of year). Might be time to replace the bulbs with something reliable. They were supposed to simplify things not cause more problems.

Sorry about that! And thank you for the information. I’ll send it to the team.

It took an unbelievable and certainly unwarranted amount of time to get things working again. I had to remove and then install bulbs and sensors as though they were new and many of the bulbs required multiple attempts to get online. It took an inordinate amount of time and was very frustrating.

I am not sure what has happened at Wyze but quality and functionality has de

Hi @cgclark1331, @jferguson1101! We are looking into this! If you experience it again, can you please submit logs to us? It’s in the App, Account → Help & Feedback → Submit a Log. Thanks!

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I have also experienced this multiple times. Any loss of power or network connection requires a manual power cycling of the devices to make them reconnect.

A couple weeks ago I had to relocate one of my WAPs, which of course the Wyze bulbs depend upon (as well as multiple other vendors’ IoT devices I have in my house). After the WAP was back online, everything else returned except for all things Wyze.

Two nights ago, the power blipped for less than 10 seconds at the wonderful hour of 12:30am. Initially, the bulbs were responsive, but now all bulbs (and a smart plug, too) are “offline” in the app and I have to power cycle them at the lamps, switches, etc to get them operational. Wyze products need auto-remediation to cycle themselves, even if at a 10-min or longer delay, to attempt to reconnect.

Filed ticket ID 22863

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Thank you @gurleycm!


Wyze recently released back to back, camera firmware updates. Upon applying the second, most recent update to my two V2 cameras, contact and motion sensors, several outlets and numerous bulbs, all with associated rules STOPPED WORKING!

I power cycled the cameras and bridges, all to no avail. I am so disillusioned now with the diminishing performance of Wyze devices, I haven’t even tried to get it all working again.

The fallout after a power loss was certainly bad enough. Now a firmware update can’t be trusted.

I am on the verge of giving up. I just don’t have the time to start all over again.

I was so looking forward to the release of your outdoor camera. Looking for a viable alternative to Arlo. One is actually on the way to me. But I’ve lost confidence.


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@cgclark1331 Hi Chris! I’m SO SORRY for your experience with our products! I shared your post with our camera team internally, and they will do their best to serve you. Looping in our camera team here @TinaC. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do for you, Chris.

So, they will contact or post a resolution??

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@cgclark1331 Hello, we’re really sorry for the trouble. We’re currently looking into it and doing our best to resolve the problem. However, I was wondering if you could go to your app to submit a log for us? The log can give us more information on your devices and timing and therefore we can have more information to best solve the problem. Please kindly let me know the log number, thank you so much! We really appreciate your support and sincerely apologize for the trouble.


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