Power Outages Power Outages

We have again experienced a short power outage. I currently employ many Wyze bulbs and a multitude of Wyze outlets and sensors. Most devices are in groups and associated with rules. I have gone so far as to lock down light switches to prevent accidental resetting.

The most recent power failure lasted mere seconds but was enough to bring down the Wyze bulbs, many sensors, outlets, and rules.

My wish is that they have the capability to recover and reconnect to WiFi, ON THEIR OWN! Built in!

Each time I experience an outage, I lose many of the Wyze devices.

I have over 50+ Smart devices in my home ranging from security cameras to bulbs to sensors to outlets and switches, etc. The Wyze products are the only devices that do not recover without tedious intervention on my part.
Please tell me you recognize the issue and you are working on it with high priority.

Wyze has marked this as “Roadmap launched” :+1:

I have the same issue. It sometimes takes my internet modem a while to reboot and get back running after the outage, so some of my cams will time out (I assume) and fail to reconnect. I have to manually unplug them to get them to reconnect again. If I’m not at home this is an obvious issue. I also have an issue with the pan-cam in that it will reset after a power outage and then turn to face the power USB side - so it’s now facing a wall so I have to again manually turn it to face the right direction. My bulbs will sometimes reconnect and sometimes not, which is a royal pain in a fixture with 5 bulbs in it.