Bulbs Go Offline After Power Failure

We had a power outage earlier this week. When the power came back, all our Wyze cameras came right back online. But all the bulbs stayed offline. I ended up deleting the bulbs from the app and then set each one up again to get the working.

Now we’ve the power just came on after another outage and the bulbs are all showing offline again. Is there some other trick to get the bulbs working again? Deleting them and setting them up again is kind of a pain.


I experienced the same issue… We have power outages weekly. My Hue stay connected and remember the state prior to the outages…

Hmmm… Wonder what’s different between yours and mine. I have 2 Wyze bulbs in my hallway that I always leave powered off, and have the Wyze app power them down automatically after 30 seconds if they are ever powered up. The reason I do that is because I have a backyard cam up in my clerestory windows along the roofline that are blinded from reflections in the window when the hallway lights are on. I figure 30 seconds is plenty of time to get down the hallway.

So my lights are always powered down, then come on line quick enough after being powered up to receive the command to power down again after 30 seconds. They haven’t missed a beat yet. Are yours far from to your router?

As for preserving the state prior to the outage, the Wyze bulb does not remember that. This is so they can be used as a regular bulb like I use these two for. They will always power back on after being powered off.

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I have four bulbs in use. All of them are in the same room as the router. I’m curious though, if the Wyze app powers your bulbs down after 30 seconds, when do they get turned off manually? Who turns off a light that’s already off?

Most power outages are not just a single “off” event but a series of voltage flucuations, volt surges, and voltage drops followed by a complete loss of voltage/power. The net effect is that electronic components take a beating. This will cause “smart-things” to reset. So unless you have a whole house UPS with voltage stabilization, expect these sort of maddening experiences.

You can also exoect the same problem if you have loose light sockets, like I did in 2 of the 6 sockets in my 40-year old dining room light.

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@DadCooks If that’s the case, that’s extremely disappointing. We get power outages several times a year. The Wyze cams are dirt simple and quick to setup and/or reset (and BTW seem to handle power outs just fine with no need to reset after). Setup for the bulbs sucks by comparison. If I’m going to have to delete all of them and set them up again every time the power goes out, we might have to rethink using them at all.

I had high hopes for the product but this may be a case where its better go with something that’s a little more expensive but also more robust.


After submitting a support request into the cause of the “Dropping” configurations. I do believe this early adopter is done with this company for now. They did great on the cameras and the sensors, but the lights, they have missed the boat. There is NO WHERE IN THE WORLD, that has constant electrical power. This is what I got back from them on my response to their lack of caring that this is an issue:

Hello John,

We apologize that you feel that way about the Wyze Bulbs and we’re constantly listening to the community and doing our best to give you the best experience possible with our products.

We have a Wishlist section of our Community where you can submit feature requests like this directly to our product team. This is the best place to let our team know what features you would like to see.

Here’s a link to the Wishlist: Wishlist - Wyze Forum

In my previous message, I mentioned that if the bulbs lose connection to the Wi-Fi or experience a power outage then you will need to set the bulbs up again because they have disconnected themselves from the Wi-Fi and essentially “forgot” until their connected again.

Once again we apologize for the inconvenience and if this is something you’d like to return then I’d just need a full first and last name, physical street address, order number and proof of purchase and best phone number.

If you need anything else now or in the future please feel free to reach back out and we will do our best to assist you.

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Most of the time I flip the switch off, then on again to turn the light back on. This should simulate a power outage. Since the light switch also has a light for the ‘on’ position when it is off, if I notice the switch is on later I turn it off to get the nightlight back. Then the bulbs are powered down until I turn the light back on.

FWIW I’ve had 3 power outages since I set up my Wyze Bulbs and I have seen the offline behavior on some of them. The outages were short, maybe 15 seconds long, and my WiFi did not go down because all my networking gear is on a UPS.

After the first outage all 8 bulbs turned on just as they do when I flip the light switch off and back on. but 2 of them said they were offline. Those 2 remained offline for about an hour until I noticed they weren’t responding like the others, so I flipped the light switches off and back on, then they came back online.

Second outage was similar but this time only 1 bulb (different from the first 2) remained offline. Again a power cycle brought it back online.

Third outage 2 bulbs were offline, 1 from the first and the 1 from the second outage. Once again, flipping the light switch off and back on brought both online again. Also note that I have bulbs installed in 2-bulb fixtures, and the ones that failed to reconnect were not in the same fixture, so it’s definitely a random per-bulb thing rather than per-fixture or distance from AP.

So at least in my experience the bulbs still “remember” the WiFi network, they just fail to connect sometimes and don’t appear to retry until they’re power cycled. That doesn’t discount the experience others have had where the bulbs had to be set up again. With the somewhat painful setup process I can imagine that would be frustrating

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Hey, folks!

The mods sent me over to look at this thread. I’ll verify the expected behavior with the team and I apologize for the negative experience with support. I’ll talk to the team about this as well.


Hi, everyone!

I heard back from the PM. He recommended a test that can help narrow this down.

If you’re running into this problem and up for running this test, please turn off the power to your light bulb(s) and turn it on again while your Wyze Bulbs are already connected. If your bulbs have been set to the pairing mode, turning them off and on will not reconnect them.

If the bulbs reconnect, it’s likely power fluctuations knocking them into the pairing mode. If they DON’T reconnect, there’s something else at play and we need to look into it further.

Please let me know how it goes if you choose to try this! :slight_smile:

(Post edited for clarity.)

The other day lost my internet connection and when it came back all my lights turned on… Really upsetting having to wake up in the middle of the night and turn them off from the app.

Today I experienced the same thing you experienced. In my case, half of the bulbs got disconnected and the other half were “connected” but did not respond to commands through the app… I did not deleted them, but instead set them to pair mode and one by one got them connected again. They loose their name but I did not had to share them again with my wife, ifttt automations continue to work and my google assistant is still able to turn them off and on. Still a pain in the b… THAT NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED but half of the other things I set up continue to be working.

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Good Night, I had a power failure (common here) and they would not reconnect even after multiple tests of turning off and then leaving on for a while.

I had to delete and re-pair in order to get them to work.

Our failures usually last for more than an hour, and happen at least once a week…

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Oops! I’m sorry. I should have been more clear. Please conduct this test when they are already connected. If they are being set to the pairing mode after a power failure, they will not reconnect after being turned off and on. I will edit my comment accordingly and I apologize for my mistake.

That makes perfect sense since a lot of power outages have power fluctuations before or after. The bulb might see that as being turned off/on multiple times. Power outages here are typically short and immediate with no “brownout” before or after, so that may be why mine were fine aside from the failure to reconnect.


Maybe reconfigure the firmware to look for 5-6 up’s and down’s before it defaults? Three just seems way too easy to trigger (Just my $.02)


I will run the test when I get home tonight and report the results.

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I would hate to have to set up my bulbs again just to test… guess I need to get more bulbs for testing purposes :grin:

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That was the first thing I tried, switching them off and on again but did nothing.

If they had been set to pairing mode, they would have been flickering (what they do when you set them on pairing mode) but mine were not. They were all on.


Switching them on and off after they have been put into pairing mode (which doesn’t necessarily do the pulsing thing if the power is shut off afterward like could be happening here) wouldn’t help. But if you have them paired and functioning already, turning them on and off can help test if just losing power is enough to disconnect them.