Wyze bulb losing connection

I’ve been running to an issue where my bulb stops responding and says offline on the app even though the light is on. I’ve tried turning it off and back in, resetting my WiFi. They only way I got it to work again is by deleting and adding the bulb back again.


I have been having the exact same issue. I feel bad for you but Glad I am not the only one. Does it look like to be the same bulb every time ? I have tried changing it for another one but the issue keeps happening at that spot.


Haven’t thought of swapping locations to see what it does. I’ll give it a try when I get home and keep an eye on that.

Same here… I have one bulb that just won’t stay connected… It was working great for a few days… But following a brief power outage, after wifi came back, everything reconnected in about 10-15 mins…, (all 12 cameras, sensors and other bulbs), except that one bulb… It’s been “off-line” for two days now… (rebooted my router four or five times, in hopes that would get it to connect… But, all that really did was just drop all my other devices off-line each time for 10 or 15 minutes… :sweat_smile:

One of my four bulbs, it turns out, was/is bad… and WYZE is going to replace it.

I’m now beginning to wonder if I have a second bad one…

My personal experience with the bulbs has been nowhere near as “satisfactory” as dealing with the cameras and sensors has been… the installation was not smooth, even turning “data” off, and ensuring only the 2.4 wifi was available… the three bulbs I was able to connect took between 3 and 7 attempts to complete the setup process … and now, one of the three bulbs I had working won’t re-connect to the network…
…nothing like the cameras, bridges or sensors, which installed and have been working wonderfully…

I think I’ll just uninstall the bulbs for now… If and until the connection and installation problems are resolved.


Just put another two in today so let’s see how these go. :crossed_fingers:t2: What was weird when it started acting up the camera that is in the same room with the bulb and I had to do a reset that one as well. I would like to be able to keep cameras in the house if my dog would stop eating them. :joy:

I have two of the 4 installed and one keeps going offline. I am going to swap it out and relocate it to test if it’s the spot which should not be since I have great coverage throughout the whole property. If it continues I will have to open a ticket.

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I have 12 bulbs and 9 of them won’t stay connected. It is very frustrating reconnecting them over and over again. I hope something is done about this issue soon. I have 14 cameras all stay connected, I also have Wyse sensors all over and no issues with them either. At this price point I expect more.


I just got an email from Wyze and was told today a new beta version released to fix this. I updated but since I’m not home I will not be able to verify. If you have beta update. If not then let at least you know they are working on it.

Only 2 of my 4 bulbs are still connected…

One wouldn’t install in the first place…
(WYZE offered to replace it, but I haven’t had time or energy to jump through the hoops required to return it…

(we had two tornadoes hit here on Cape Cod last week, and I’ve been cleaning up the 140 trees on the golf course I work at, that were ripped out of the ground) :sweat_smile:

The 3 bulbs I was able to install and configure successfully, routinely and randomly go offline every two days or so…

… One has been “offline” 3 days now.

Every few hours or so, I “power cycle” it by unscrewing it for 10 seconds, and screwing it back in …because that seems to be the only troubleshooting method there is…

so far, in the past two days, I’ve had no luck in getting it to reconnect… It just stays on, 24/7

Fingers crossed the other 2 will stay connected for a few days… I will not hold my breath though.
(They both have had issues staying connected)

I’m about ready to give up on these bulbs.
Too unreliable… too frustrating.

NONE of them have stayed connected for more than 3 days in a row, since they were first installed…

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Excuses, excuses. Don’t you know that messing with WYZE products supersedes work? (Actually two tornadoes are a pretty solid excuse … but still…)


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Same here 2 out 4 bulbs will not stay. This day 2 of testing bulbs. I have 4 cameras with no issue with connectivity. Any fix for bulbs.

Hello @adwoa09,
Do you have constant full power to the bulbs? The bulbs will go offline if the light switch is turned off.

Yes l have constant power.

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Same problem here. I have restarted the camera where the bridge is located and that seems to help for a while. I also turn the power off to the bulbs for a few seconds too. I hope this just needs a software update.

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Restarting the camera where the bridge is shouldn’t make any difference at all , because the bulbs are separate , they do not connect to the bridge , they connect directly to Wi-Fi

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Same here. One out of four keeps losing connection. I know it’s not the location because there are two further away that don’t do that. Of course it’s high up on the ceiling so I need a ladder to get to it. It’s been on for quite some time now, until I have time to mess with it.

Wow has it already been 29 days since the last time I posted? :sweat_smile: sadly the bulbs are still incredibly unreliable in terms of connection…

I cringe every time I open the app to find out which of them will be offline this time… Right now it’s the studio… tomorrow, who knows… WYZEbulb roulette… maybe it’ll be the office light …or the workshop light… I never know… :rofl:. There seems to be no rhyme or reason…


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Same here. Wyze bulb worked good for a couple weeks. Now I have to delete and add bulb daily. I quit messing with wyze sense. It’s never reliable either. I think I’ll stick to wyze cameras as they work great, however, from my experience, every other wyze product is just too unreliable


My experince has been quite the opposite, I have had no problems with the sense or the bulbs. Well I did have 2 bulbs that would lose connection but they were in a metal housing so wifi was not reaching them very well. I re-aimed them (they were in a ceiling fan fixture that allowed me to aim the lights) and I have not had an issue since.


Chiming in here. I pre-ordered 12 bulbs. The first four went into lamps a month or so ago and have never lost signal. I finally got around to putting the next four in a ceiling fan. I’m constantly turning them off and on via the switch, and now they’re not connected anymore… It’s confusing because I mainly use the power switch on my bedside lamp and it’s never lost connection.

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