One bulb constantly going off line

Of the 5 bulbs that I have tied to the bridge of my main camera, one is constantly going off line. 3 bars of wifi showing, have tried resetting bulb. Restarting app, restarting camera, power cycling both bulb and camera, and several other things.
Has anyone else had this condition? Any suggestions out there for me?

There is a new bulb firmware out. It supposedly does something about that issue.

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The wyze bulbs do not connect to the bridge , they connect with Wi-Fi , the wyze motion sensors and contact sensors are the only things that connect to the bridge installed on a camera


Once again he is correct.

I just tied a Wyze bulb to a motion sensor and I forgot that it was on a dimmer switch and it does work correctly I might say. I did have a brain fart and forgot how to set how long the light stays on after no movement but once I remember that everything is set. So I have a motion sensor in my master bathroom that turns on one lightbulb very very dimly So that I can get in and out of the bathroom and back to bed without falling as I am disabled. Wyze you have really made my life so much easier

Where is the bulb compared to the wifi router or ap? Compared to the other bulbs? Have you tried switching sockets with another bulb that has been working to see if it’s the location or the socket or the bulb?

Edit/ And like said above, bulbs do not connect to a bridge so restarting a camera and or the bridge won’t help the bulb, unless you have some Sense sensors tied into this problem that you haven’t said.


Tried the firmware update, thought it worked, butn9. Still have the issue. I have tried other locations and the problem is always the same location. The bulb is about 30 feet from the router.

The location could be in a radio dead/fringe spot. Does the router have diversity antennas? If so, try re-orienting them.

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No external antennas on the router.

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any other electronics in use in the home? interference is a constant but unseen issue.

I was doing some insulation at my house the other day and found that having foil faced insulation in the home disrupted my signal as well…something to keep in mind

I have found that these bulbs start doing flaky things when the signal to noise ratio (SNR) goes below 10. I have DD-WRT running on an old Asus RT-N16 (2.4ghz only). DD-WRT shows great stats on connected devices by mac address. The 2 I used to have trouble with are outside under the house eave and they do not ever get wet. Once I moved my router to where they got better SNR, the drops have ceased.
A big culprit on my 2.4 ghz network is my Panasonic Genius Prestige Inverter microwave oven. It will shut down several devices when I turn it on. The Kenmore microwave I have does not affect it at all. Just some ideas. Good luck!


Thanks, I have ordered up a wifi extender to see if that helps.

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If you can afford it, get a better WiFi device instead of an extender, especially if you’re using a ISP-supplied one.

Just make sure it has a separate 2.4gh band.


The WIFI Extender seems to have solved the issue of “bulb going off-line”
Thanks for the suggestions from the community