Wyze bulb issue

This is driving me nuts.

I have 2 wyze bulbs on my front porch. They are not 40-inches apart. 1 stays connected & the other does not. It will connect & be good for a while then disconnect. I have to manually power it off & back on to get it to reconnect, like it just stops searching. But that’s not all. It stays offline in the app. I have to power it off & on multiple times till it shows back up in the app as online.

It’s not out of range of the router. -80 signal. I know it’s near the edge, but I have a wyze cam 50 feet further away with another 2 walls in the way & it stays connected better.

Something is wrong with this firmware making it stop searching & stop trying to reconnect & making it not reregister on the app correctly once connected.

Can any one help with this?

Here is some info. You can see on my router it is connected, but app says it’s offline. My set rules won’t work, & I can’t every morning & night spend 5 minutes turning it in & off.

Firmware version is

Sorry only allows 1 image per post. As you can see from above, it’s connected. Router loges shows it connected & sending & reviving data here & there. But app shows it offline.

Once disconnected, router logs never show a reconnect attempt, till I power it off & back on. The bulb next to it, seems to have 0 issues.

2 logs sent in.

The numbers are

Thank you.

When you switch the positions of the two bulbs does the “bad” one become reliable? You’ve stated the obvious issue, your low signal strength. Save yourself further issues and get an extender (or preferably an additional wired Ethernet router/AP) if you can.

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I submitted a ticket on this and was informed they found the issue and will release a fix in the next FW update. I have yet to see the update, but am hopeful.

What type of fixture is it in? Most exterior fixtures have some level of metal construction to them that surround the bulbs in them. These act as faraday cages that play with the signal. Can you provide pictures of the fixtures? That is also an important piece of info needed to help troubleshoot here.


Here you go. Cheep little things. Glass on 3 sides, does have a metal back. Open bottom.

Mine are white & router signal comes from below & right side.

It’s not a signal problem. It maybe be on the low side but it it more than enough to stay connected. As it stayed connected for hours at a time. Some interference for just a moment might make it disconnect, & when that happens it never tries to reconnect. When I manually power it off and back on it will connect, but not show online in the app. Take a few attempts.

It might finally show up in the app hours and hours later if I just get it to reconnect & wait.

Also there is 2-5 dbi difference in signal, still under 90, not 60ft from the $300 router.

The other bulb does it less often, but it’s still a issue on it also. Once disconnected, it won’t try to reconnect on its own.

So you didn’t try swapping them. :wink:

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May I ask what is causing the issue?

Also fixing to make a post about the app crashing the dashboard.

Yes I did. It’s less of a issue on the other side, only because it don’t disconnect as much.

But main issue is once it disconnects, it won’t reconnect on its own. It just stops trying. Signal strength is low but good enough. But bulb should always be trying to reconnect.

Not sure, they found something with the FW.

Ok. Well glad I could help find a bug.

Now to get the beta app to stop crashing the iPhone dashboard :joy:

LOL, it is always something. I have an Android phone as well as an iPhone. I will see if it happens to me.

I use the Deco X60 Mesh Network, They added an option to optimize the network which essentially changes the channel and moves devices around, I found that I can perform an optimize, when and if a bulb shows disconnected, to get the bulb to reconnect. Seems to work 100% of the time. Not sure what router you have, but if you have an option like this, it might make a difference or at least help. It could be congestion with the channel your router is connected to.

Just reporting what I have found,

Made a post about it in the beta app thread. It’s when to many notifications pile up. Has to be over 60 it seems.

14 devices
Rebooting or changing channels don’t really seem to help.

I can watch the logs & see when devices try to connect. Once the bulb is gone, it never attempts a reconnect, or is stuck in some limbo the logs don’t show. But like today I reconnected it this morning before I posted & it’s stayed connected all day so far. But at some point it will lose its connection, due to a moment of interference or a attempted hack for all I know. Then that’s it, it won’t reconnect till I power it off & back on.

Yea, that has been my experience. I seem to have more issues when there is a lot of items being recorded with my Camera’s. almost like it is in overload. I have Home Assistant to monitor with a Dashboard. It becomes apparent when they are offline and when they come back. :slight_smile:

I will say this, I have had less issues using Home Assistant. Wonder if that is because it may poll the devices and keeping them online

So the problem follows the bulb, not the location? The “problem bulb” has this issue where ever it is mounted? If you put a known good bulb in that initial fixture, there are no issues? Sounds like a defective single bulb if these are true.