Weird WiFi connection issues?

Does anyone experience random devices disconnecting from WiFi? Every now and again one of my Wyze bulbs will lose connection to WiFi, or even one or two of my smart plugs. I have to then delete them from my app and then repair them and get them added to my groups. Is it just me?

I’ll know when my plugs lose WiFi connectivity when they don’t do the automated task that they’re set up for. The bulbs will turn on and stay very bright white, but they should be all set to the more yellow hue. Not to mention the disconnected icons in the app next to these devices. I’m happy to say that this doesn’t happen to every single device, just very few and seemingly random.


Bulbs are very buggy. Mine are so hit or miss. I’ve submitted logs and got no reply. I’ve posted and had people blame my router. Granted I have about 50 devices over 3 access points and only Wyze bulbs have problems.

If is always the same bulb that loses connection swap it with a location that works and see if the issue follows the bulb or stays with the fixture. If it follows the bulb you have a bulb issue, if it stays with the fixture you have a location/network issue

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It’s all bulbs just I do see 2 are more frequent.

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Definitely harder to troubleshoot when it is all, if you can truly ell a difference in the frequency it happens I would swap a more frequent bulb with a less frequent bulb and see if the bulbs maintain the same frequency of drop offs, or if the fixtures do. If it stays with the bulbs I would get support involved because that would lead me to believe the bulbs have an issue.

Logs were submitted to support days ago. Waiting on acknowledgment.

Did you get a ticket number? Are you on the beta app at all?

Beta yes, ticket no.

@WyzeJasonJ do correct me if I am wrong, but logs sent in via the beta app are sent to the Dev Teams, and not Support. Dev Teams receive the information and don’t reply back.

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I don’t have the bulbs but I do have constant issues with wyze Cam and wyze cam pan both disconnecting from the network very briefly but very frequently sometimes needing to relaunch the app. It’s not a DHCP lease issue because the disconnects are way more frequent than the lease expiry, and all of my wise devices are Mac address whitelisted, and the farthest one from my router never really goes below 75% signal strength. nothing else on the network seems to have this issue. I don’t ever have to remove the device from the app and re-add it though, that would definitely turn a minor annoyance into a deal breaking problem if it were to go on unresolved

@Omgitstony is correct, logs sent through the beta app go to the developers and will not be replied to.

So how do we get help with this problem?

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I will get someone from WYZE to look at this thread in the next day or two and see if we can get some help

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Thank you.

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I found it was a home network thing. I have over Wyze products and then many sensors on top of that. Ultimately, my router couldn’t handle that plus all other WiFi devices. I decided to add a second router and run all smart devices thru that one. Since then my issues like yours have disappeared.


I don’t think this solution applies to my situation, unfortunately. I use 6 Amazon eero pro mesh routers spaced around my home, so all of my WiFi devices are evenly distributed around. Per Amazon, each eero pro can handle up to 128 devices…which I am way way below that.

I took a look at all my networking devices and everything is fine. It’s really just like 1-2 plugs out of about 7 that randomly disconnect, as well as 1-2 bulbs that will also do the same. I then just delete them from the app and repair them to my app. About a week or two later, the same may happen again but not necessarily the same bulbs.

It’s weird, and I’m not sure what exactly could be causing it.

I am using the beta app currently.

I’m tagging someone better qualified to look at this than I am. Thanks, @WyzeJasonJ!

Last i can remember when i had some problems was when i was rewiring my access point and i had to power it down so all my bulbs lost connection. When the AP came back online, i had to walk around and toggle the light switches to get the bulb to reconnect.

I know you have said that you have a multi AP system, but do you notice if the bulbs stay connected to one AP? or does their connection jump from AP to AP? What happens if a bulb has equal distance or signal from multiple APs? I know the bulbs are finicky with their connections, but what do you think happens if you say, have to good of a system? I wonder if the bulbs are having their hiccups when moving from one AP to the next, andI only have one AP, so i cant test this theory. I know other products make these jumps fine, but i only want to focus on bulbs here. Thanks in advance for your thoughts!

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The number of access points isn’t always the reason to dismiss the problem. Check the number of clients/users that the router allowed for each AP. Also look at the IP range that it’s setup for. If any of them aren’t at the max allowed, it can cause issues. More often than not, I find that it’s my wireless system that doesn’t play well with Wyze than the other way. Sure, Wyze could make it easier, but at least I can control my WiFi.

Yes, I have bulbs and plugs that disconnect. That makes them all worthless to me. We travel (well we did) and when we are gone, the bulbs and/or plugs go off line and I have no way to reset them. I had contact sensors stop working and two motion sensors. Since only 3 bulbs of 6 stopped working and 3 of 8 sensors, I know it was not the internet. I got garbage for a response - eventually. Blame was put on me. “Check this and this…” blah, blah,blah.