Wyze Bulb Disconnect

TL;DR Any known recent issues with connecting Wyze bulbs? Using iOS.

I’ve had the occasional disconnect, but usually it resolves itself or I can reconnect easily. This issue has been going on for 3 days.

Over the weekend, three of my bulbs disconnected: the back porch, and 2 of the 3 basement lights. (I thought the back porch light had reconnected, but it’s showing offline now.) I got on a support chat today and she had me move around my basement bulbs to see if they would connect in different locations. One did, so it looked like it might be a WiFi range issue. I took all three basement bulbs and tried them in the same location, close to the WiFi router. The first one connected; second two didn’t. Tried the first one again and it didn’t reconnect. So now I’m out 4 bulbs and wondering when the rest will go. Thanks for any help offered.

No major outage I’m aware of. I only have two set up and results have been… weird. Lost setup on one, re-initialiized a few weeks ago. But they don’t always respond together even though they are grouped, and sometimes don’t work. I’d say about 80% success rate not counting Alexa voice recognition failures.

Ah, Alexa is the worst!
I’ve had these bulbs for probably over a year. They’re certainly quirky, but I’ve never had a problem like this.

This is a known problem. I’ve had this problem for a while. It seems to happen in waves and for only a few bulbs. I haven’t gone to the extent of swapping bulbs that always are connected with those that sometimes aren’t because it’s a lot of trouble.

What’s not known however is what exactly is happening when a bulb disconnects? It’s not just WiFi because you are able to re-connect (whatever that does) from your app but only if you are on the same local network as the bulb. That needs to be explained as well.

Edit: It seems to me that a bulb that is “disconnected” is disconnected to the Wyze back end and not the app. Since I can immediate power cycle the bulb (when I’m there) and reconnect it doesn’t appear to me to be a local WiFi problem.

I have 8 bulbs and none of them will stay connected. I am going to have to try a different brand :-1:t2::-1:t2:

Often times, your wifi connection from your router can play a part of teh connectivity issues… Granted it can and is very frustrating to have to troubleshoot the connectivity issues (and so frequently…)

I’ve found that I have less connectivity issues when I set a generic timer box that reboots/restarts the router… However, even so, at times after the reboot, I am in need of having to manually unplug he power to the v2 or Pan cam in order for the sense to get “picked” up and work again… For the bulbs, sometimes, i have to cycle power the bulb by turning on/off the power switch a couple of times… then all will be working for a while… Again yes, a tad cumbersome… but with all the devices around your home that needs internet connection, from your pc/android/IOS devices, to smart appliances, etc, its a wonder we don’t have even more frequent clashes… That’s one reason why it is important to reboot your main router at least once a week.

I have three bulbs here that I gave up on connections. I am not able to connect at all. They are NOT being used. I had set them up before and they were working. But when I removed them for painting the house, I followed the exact instruction to reinstall but seems they can’t connect to my wifi even though they connected before. The bar got to 1/2 way and stuck there forever!

The bulbs light up manually but not via wifi. I don’t know what the problems was. it detected my wifi but would not connect. Should I send back for replacement ? they were purchased long ago via Wyze website.

If your router supports both 5 and 2.4ghz, make sure you are connecting to the 2.4 portion… otherwise, it is not compatible with 5ghz. Also try rebooting router, and then power cycle the bulb on/off/on again.

And finally, sometimes you will have to remove device (bulbs) and then re-install them one at a time to a 2.4ghz network. …

And remember to turn off mobile data on your phone temporarily during setup. That can easily save an hour of your life.

Thank you for the suggestions. Unfortunately, I tried all suggested. When I said I give up meaning it took me like days to keep retrying… I removed devices, switched devices, made sure is 1.4G connection, reboot routers, power on/off like thousand times!