Wyze Bulb Disconnected?

I’ve set up two of my four new bulbs and had them running for a couple of days without issues. Last night one of them disconnected and put itself in set-up mode. The app indicated the bulb was offline with a “cloud” icon. The other bulb remained online. I thought the light switch might have been turned off but that doesn’t seem to have been the case. I went through the add a product process again and after a little lag, the bulb came back online and my three shortcut settings were still intact.

I don’t have any idea what triggered this but thought I’d pass it along in case others are seeing the same issue or have found a problem. The bulb is not on a dimmer,I am running the bulbs on 2.4 network mainly with my iPhone X. The bulb is located on my covered back porch at some distance from my router but I do have several sensors operating ok further away. I plan to set up my remaining 2 bulbs at another location in similar manner when I am next there.

FYI, my new iPhone battery seems to be draining quite a bit faster recently but I don’t know if this could be related to more Wyze cam app or the new bulbs. Anyone else seeing this change?

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Thanks, Dale

@dtsteele, if this continues to happen, please submit feedback through the app (with logs) so Wyze can look into the issue.

App Log and/or a Firmware Log.

Thanks. I have had similar problems and posted feedback as requested yesterday. The bulb went offline again yesterday and my app lost the “off” button to turn it off. A timer continued to run but didn’t put the bulb off this morning. I went through the set-up process again and the first time seemed successful but didn’t regain control of the bulb. A second try a few minutes later did. My app continued to have the shortcuts I created earlier and the “off” button returned. I will continue to monitor the app. Meanwhile my other installed bulb has not shown these problems.


I had similar issue. Turning the switch on the lamps off then back on brought them all back online

@dtsteele, were you able to get this resolved with Wyze tech support?

I am still monitoring the bulb after a reoccurrence a couple of days back but the bulb has been mostly stable. Wyze tech support is keeping the ticket open. I will post an update later. Thanks, Dale


Same issue over here. All 4 of my bulbs have ended up in a disconnected state, more than once.

Same here. Have 4 bulbs and 3 are showing up offline. My sister turned them on to make sure they work but they still show up offline. I’m traveling and so it’s irritating bc I got these exactly for travel and can’t fix now!

I guess I have to reboot to make them work!

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I have a related question. I’m getting ready to install 2 bulbs at a remote location I’ll only have periodic access to. If I experience any problems with occasional bulb disconnects or similar has anyone found any remote actions to bring the bulbs back online?
The only thing I can think of now is turning my router off and on which I can do remotely. The same situation exists when I’m traveling and any problems come up with my home bulbs. Is there anything I can do then other than ask someone else to turn the bulbs on and off or me restarting the router? Other strategies?

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Same problem with the three bulbs installed. All went offline at different times and have not been back to restart them.

Same problem. Two bulbs and one works perfectly while the other went offline three days ago. I have attempted to reset without success. The setup works fine until the wifi connection the connection appears to take place, but the set up does not advance, and the bulb remains on. I have attempted to reinstall with the same problems.

Have you updated the bulb FW to latest versions on both bulbs?

The one that works was updated. The other wouldn’t take an update

Now the second bulb failed the same way and has been reported

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