Out of town and my wyze bulb is ofline and stuck on

hope someone can help. my wyze bulbs went offline about a week ago and they are stuck on. I am not able to get to them to do anything for a while. any suggestions thanks

Happened to me yesterday.

Cut power to them (flip the switch down), wait a second, return power (flip the switch back on) wait a couple of minutes, try again, should work as normal now. That worked for all of mine yesterday when they had the same problem.

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hey thanks for the quick answer but i would love to do that but here lies the problem. the house where the bulbs are i cant get to for about another month.

Unfortunately, I’d recommend changing them to another brand when you can. Wyze products need too much tinkering to keep running. Far too many server problems and outages. I’ve gotten rid of everything but the cameras. I like wyze for what it is. But definitely not reliable.

Hi @dean.digeorge and welcome to the community Forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Understand you do not have accesss to reset the bulbs for a month. If possible, have a trusted neighbor reset the power via the breaker panel. :electric_plug:
Hopefully someone with a solution will pop in here.

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Oh yeah, sorry. I missed in the title that you were out of town.

Can you log into your router remotely? If so, you could try rebooting your router remotely, that has helped in the past sometimes.

Sadly, I think the best advice was given by dr.know to see if someone (family/neighbor) can reset the power via the breaker panel. I really think the only option is to reboot the power somehow (it’s a common need to get such things to work properly after an issue).

Secondly, if this is basically a secondary home that is not used often and is far away, then like ble102 said, Wyze may not be the best option…I have not infrequently had to reboot my devices manually in person. Wyze cams, sensors and bulbs are awesome for the price and the occasional requirement to manually reboot them is worth it for all that, but not something I would use if I go out of town a lot.

As an alternative, you could instead try to set up something that would allow you to remotely cut and restore power to the house or certain systems. I do have a smart plug that will automatically reboot my modem/router whenever it loses connectivity (presumably due to memory leak issues, or overload or something), or allow me to set a set a schedule to do it, or manually do it. Works well for that purpose. I don’t know if there’s anyway to rig something similar up to the main power somehow. Sounds expensive though.

Sorry for your predicament. Maybe another will have a better idea, in my experience it requires a manual power reboot though. :frowning:


As others have said, your only real options are getting someone to turn it off or possibly remotely rebooting the router.
On the bright side, in the worse case that you can’t turn it off, it only draws 9.5 watts. That means over the course of 30 days running 24/7, it uses about 6.8 kilowatt hours which is a little over $1 of electricity depending on where you live.


thanks to all you guys. nice to have a little support somewhere. anyway im happy to hear that the bulb draws very little power. im a little worried about one of them overheating but i hope they are made better than that anyway guess ill try to get out there sometime. thanks again


Naw, I wouldn’t worry about overheating. I have some that have been on for pretty long stretches with no problems.

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