Wyze Bulbs - connected to WiFi but showing offline

Hi Everyone

Having an issue with these bulbs again. In my Kitchen Group, 3 of the 7 bulbs are showing offline. They are currently physically on. Issue is that the offline bulbs are actually showing that they are connected. Please see attached images.

I’ve had this issue since this morning and they have not sorted themselves out yet. Any thoughts?

Hi, @akhosha2! If you haven’t already, I would recommend restarting the router and see if that helps. You can also switch locations with the bulbs offline with one that is working and see if the problem follows the bulb. It could be a signal interference problem. All of my bulbs are online and working. :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ve given up. It’s evident that these bulbs are still in beta. It is also clear that they are not intended to be used when multiple are hooked up on one switch. I’ve requested an RMA and will keep you posted on progress.

I will keep one pack of them that I will use in lamps and other single bulb per switch scenarios.

Are there official troubleshooting steps that i can do? I am having same issues, select bulbs went offline after turning on I am Home which just mutes all notifications.

If you search the forum you will see that the bulbs have issues. If you have done comprehensive troubleshooting on your end, then you may have some of the troubled bulbs.

These have a hardware/firmware problem that seems to be unresolvable once the bulb acts up. I have one of four that worked properly since it was new in August/July(whenever it was released).

Try resetting and relinking them (on and off three times ) if they resume contact then it’s a bulb problem most likely. Get in touch with support and get them replaced asap.

They’ve issued the RMA and I’ve sent them back.

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