Light Bulbs stopped connecting to Wifi

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Anyone else seeing a problem with the bulbs not connecting to Wifi? I programmed 2 bulbs fine and they connected OK, worked for a few days. After that I would turn on the light and they glow green, eventually flip to white which means they never connect to Wifi or show up on my app. All other devices on my network are fine. I tried screwing the bulbs into outlets closer to my Wifi transmitter, no better result.

Anyone else seeing this problem? Is there a way to hard reset the bulbs and reprogram?

I really don’t want to have to deal with light bulbs that don’t connect and I can’t adjust the color, brightness - hope this issue doesn’t persist.

Not sure why they would be dropping out so quickly unless there are network related issues. Mine rarely drop out. They have gone offline, but never completely off the network.

A reset is cycling the power to them 3 times consecutively. They will then turn green and become ready for setup.


Old TP-Link router - Wyze Bulb Color worked great and where never offline.
New TP-Link router - Wyze Bulb Color had constant issues. Always going offline. Delete, readd, and then offline the next day. Powe cycle, offline issues persisted the following day.

What I think fixed the problem. Within my router, I turned off Smart Connect and I used DHCP address reservation on the Wyze Bulbs.

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This causes so many problems, by so many different names, in so many different routers, to so many IoT devices.

Smart Connect
WiFi Fairness
Adaptive QoS (Quality of Service)
Device Prioritization
Traffic Control

All synonymous for manufacturer “Black Magic” proprietary coding that attempts to slam 50 pounds of data thru a 5 pound hose. The digital equivalent of Darwinism: Survival of the Fittest. The most demanding devices get prioritized while those with minimal demands get pushed off the network.