Wyze color bulbs stop responding

I have two color bulbs that have only been in use for about 6 months. All so a sudden they are not coming on, not responding to th app. Oddly one regular Wyze bulb did the same thing but removing power along with rebooting my router brought it back into responding.
I tried taking one of the two color bulbs and put it in another lamp and still nothing when turning the power on. The bulbs were in a group in the Wyze app which Alex saw and we could control through there.
I am at a loss on how to get life back to those bulbs.

I had a similar issue the other day with a white bulb. I tried doing a full reset and loading it, but could not get it connected again. I then removed it from my setup, replaced the bulb with an extra one I had. A day and a half later, I put it back in as Wyze wanted to see if they could get stuff from it, and it suddenly started working againg.

So here is what I would try:

  • delete them from your App
  • Put them in a lamp and factory reset it: Turning the light on and off 3 times quickly until it starts flashing.
  • Then remove them from the lamp and set it aside for a day or two.

After that, try to pair them with your app again.

Thanks for the steps. I had forgotten about power on and off 3 times. But I will do as you suggested.

I have a similar problem with my Wyze color bulb that I’ve only had for about six months. No matter what lamp or light fixture I put it in, I get nothing. no pulsating light or anything. It’s almost like the light has already burnt out and it was not used very often.
Please help

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I have 4 bulbs and one of them keeps on having this issue frequently and I have to repeat deleting and resetting it to use it. It is a bit annoying. I wonde if my bulb is defected or someone else has the same issue.

We’ve had 4 color bulbs and a newer 5th bulb just 4 months ago.
It started with the newest bulb - reset it numerous times and could never upgrade the firmware and would not respond. Then the older 4 (about 1-2 years) up to date firmware all loosing connectivity and when reset, cannot control.
Ugh. What a pain.

Yeah I never got a response from Wyze about it. I won’t buy another one from them.