My Wyze bulb stopped working

I have a Wyze bulb 2019. It was working fine. I had some problems with it and I removed it, intending to reconnect it. I’ve tried over and over again and this time it won’t reconnect. I’ve done this before and it worked. The phone(s) are Android, wi-fi only. I use them for light controls, books, and games. I have no cellular connection, only wi-fi.

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O well trash it

[Mod Edit] “Oh well trash it” yeah makes sense when you’ve spent money. Had the same problem today. And it happened to two bulbs now I wonder was this predetermined to happen? Their products have always been problematic to say the least but they’re fairly cheap and mostly worked.

I have no solution I’ll keep looking and if I find a solution I will post it here

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If there less than 1 year old do a replacement warranty replacement with wyze

Much more helpful. Of course that’s the next step. Then again wyze has app problems constantly as well I’ll wait a day or two then initiate an exchange process

Thank you

My bulbs were working yesterday and this evening when I return all were offline so I cycle them nothing works so I deleted them and and add the device again turn it off and it started the pair cycle again idk what is happening I hope their not killing it off since the v2 bulb is out

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We have the white bulbs going on 2 + years and we have them to auto on/off and had no issues at all,we have notice those folks with issues ends up being there wifi and not the hardware

This is exactly what happened to me. And the person who says it’s probably the wi-fi - how am I supposed to use the bulb in the room where it worked before?

Try turning off cellular data when setting up if that doesn’t work probably need a replacement

Recently my White Bulb v1’s are very slow to reconnect when they’ve been hard-switched off - like walk away and come back later slow.


I don’t like it when things run too smoothly so IoT is working well for me. :roll_eyes:

Fixed! Enrolling my bulbs in the wyze beta program and then reconnecting the problematic bulb and forcing the update. Took about 3 re setup tries but it finally took the firmware rebooted now no problems whatsoever. Very annoyed. I’ve had these bulbs become un setup before but never like this. It’s unfortunate that some of the wyze products are so terrible when it comes to reliability.

The beta firmware for the bulbs solved my problem. This all stemmed from someone hitting the light switch and the bulbs never reconnected after 5-10 minutes. Then I tried to set them up again and again and again. Until I finally enrolled in the beta got the problematic bulb to connect for a moment and snag that update. Now it works where ever I plug the bulb in. Sunmatch works as well with the beta update. Or it claims to work at least.

Happy wyzing the IoT is awful lately.

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So - how did you force the update?

@kmp50 There currently is an issue with the bulbs and Wyze is working on it. Wait a few days and try again. Don’t trash your bulb. :slightly_smiling_face:


By joining the beta for bulbs in the app then reconnecting the bulb multiple times through setup then clicking firmware update till it finally took then rebooted never stopped working since

I’ll have to look again - I have seen no beta in the app, either on my phone or through Play.

Hey @StopICU33 .

Do you know if there are firmware updates pending for the original Plug and Bulb.


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Yes, I have one of the original bulbs. It works, but the app to remotely turn it on (I haven’t made that point clear, I think) does not work from any phone - all of mine have Wi-Fi hook ups, not cellular.

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Hi @kmp50 , I don’t have that particular problem, mine are just slow to rejoin the network after ‘power failure’ (or having power removed) lately.

My particular concern is their erratic responsiveness to Rules (like, Person detected, turn on Bulb or Plug.) It may have nothing to do with their firmware, I’m most probably grasping at straws. :slight_smile:

Can we all just agree they’re not very reliable. I have other devices from Merkury and Philips they don’t have these problems. You can enroll in the beta under Account >About >beta program then select the devices you wish to enroll.

It’s kind of sad something as simple as a smart light bulb cannot function properly. This seems to be a recurring problem with wyze. I’ve had 5 door sensors from wyze all fail within a year their products are just so hit or miss and the support is kind of awful. I’ve noticed they seem to have problems often with their service whether it be setting up a lightbulb in the app or looking at a camera sometimes it just doesn’t work.

It’s unfortunate but their products are relatively inexpensive and I guess you get what you pay for sometimes. Hopefully they can improve these issues but I’ve been using their stuff for over a year and it’s been nothing but problems. Before you blame things like my WiFi network and other arcane things to make it seem like a user problem it’s really not though. Yes some users are just not equipped to fix things but wyze also needs to admit their reliability from lightbulbs to door sensors is just poor.

I hope the OP can get their lightbulbs functioning properly again. I had luck with the betas because my lightbulb would only stay setup for about a minute after setup. In that short time I was able to upgrade then it rebooted and no problems. Wish you luck and hope wyze can improve their services and reliability of their products.

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Thanks for all the replies. The app will not connect with the bulb, period. I now have a good Wyze bulb, but it’s just a good bulb. The light switch will turn it off and on, so I guess that’s what I’ll stay with - it’s a good bulb, but it is not one that can be turned on or off remotely. A good old-fashioned bulb. :slightly_smiling_face:

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