Original Wyze Bulb Offline - Ticked Off

I have 14 original Wyze bulbs and for the past 3-4 years they’ve worked great! Last night, our area experienced a fiber cut and we were without internet service for about 7 hours. This morning, all of the bulbs showed offline, including the Color Bulbs. A simple power cycle got the color bulbs back online… but boy it sure didn’t for the regular bulbs.

And before asking, yes, I’ve tried about everything. I power cycled. I turned off power for several minutes, then turned back on… the bulb will come on, but cannot be controlled from the app and still shows offline. For the record, I’ve been with Wyze since the v2 come out so I am far from a noobie. I tried factory reset but switching it off and on 3 times to enter pairing mode. I even removed 2 of the bulbs from the app and tried re-pairing them… again no luck. I select the 2019 version and select the bulb on WiFi and try to set it up like I did originally, but if fails to connect. I can use the bulbs by switching them on and off but hell that defeats the purpose of having a smart bulb.

I have rebooted my router… numerous times… nothing else has changed. And it’s only the 14 original bulbs, everything else is back online. I have tried to re-pair 12 of the 14 with no luck. Any suggestions? I’ve worked literally all day. I’ve gotten so mad a few times I would have liked to use them as suppositories for some folks at Wyze…

Seems like you’ve tried nearly everything. I don’t have those bulbs, but wondering if you tried disabling 5gHz on your router when you try to reconnect the bulbs.

Yes sir… I did try that too

Well, don’t see any firmware updates since last year for the bulbs. Do they just timeout? Do you get any messages in the app? Really doesn’t make any sense. but have you cleared your App cache. logged out and back in? Sort of grasping at straws here.

This exact same thing has happened to me. Except mine just stopped working randomly about 2-3 weeks ago. I have the original bulbs as well. Bulb will work in the Wyze app, but cannot connect it to the Google Home app to use with voice control. When adding to Google Home I get the attached message, even though this device has worked for years. Walked far away from house to get 2.4 gHz and it still wouldn’t work. I power cycled, I deleted bulb from Wyze and re-added it…nothing is working.

Same problem with me. Clearly Wyze or AWS made a change somewhere along the line that is causing this problem. I’ve been in IT long enough to know that things just don’t break overnight by themselves.

I agree. I just had to spend a little over $100 replacing all 13 of my v1 bulbs with the v2 (White) bulbs. If I didn’t have so much already invested in Wyze I would have strongly considered different bulbs.

Here’s a variation on the same problem. I purchased four of the new Wyze Bulb White bulbs. They sent four original Wyze Bulbs (2019). None of them can connect. Wyze refunded the money and said to keep the bulbs. They do not want them back. What does that tell you. This company is going down hill. Doing a bait and switch is really low.

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I was afraid of that. They know they bricked the original bulbs, but won’t do anything about it.

I was trying to use some of the original 2019 bulbs that had been sitting in a box for a couple years…guess I’ll quit troubleshooting to get them to work.

I had the same problem with my 2 2019 Wyze bulbs (all of a sudden, they went offline and couldn’t reconnect even after trying for 3 hours). BUT, thanks to another community member’s helpful suggestion to go back to the older version of the Wyze app for iOS/Apple iPhone users (by joining the Beta Community and selecting to “test” the older version of the app), I was able to reconnect both bulbs within 2 minutes!!

So the problem is NOT the older bulbs, but the problem lies with the updated Wyze app!!

This was the advice I followed:

Here’s the easiest fix:

I am experiencing the issue above - what I have found as well is that I cannot add more than 2 bulbs per account now! I installed the Wyze app on every device I own and still have only been able to get the max of 2 bulbs to pair before it begins failing! I have many more to get back online and more to add but I’m stuck because I am out of devices to install the app on. Wyze support offered no advise or help and uninstalling and reinstalling the app does not work. Hopefully for those of you that haven’t tried this work around can find it useful