Multiple Wyze Bulbs Drop WiFi Constantly

I have had nothing but bad luck with one of my outside lights and Wyze Bulbs. I will install a new bulb (both white and color have been tried) and it will work for a time but then I’ll notice automations aren’t happening with that particular fixture. I log into the app and sure enough, offline. I’ll power cycle the device, it will work for a day, then it will happen again. I’ve gone through two Wyze Bulb White and one Wyze Bulb Color and the same thing happens each time.

Fixture is appx. 10 feet away from my wireless router, so I don’t believe WiFi strength is the issue. Also, I have another outdoor light 5 feet away that has had the same Wyze Bulb Color in it for a couple of years now with no issue. It truly seems to be this one fixture only.

Has anyone else had issues with their Wyze Bulbs doing this, or is it just me and my one borked light fixture?

I have one specific color bulb outside that does not like to stay connected unlike its nearby counterparts. The only thing in my mind that might be causing this is the proximity of this bulb to my circuit panel (which is a heap of copper wire with plenty of alternating current flowing) that just might be interfering with a clean 2.4Ghz wifi signal.

I’ve had a similar experience. I have 2 V2 bulbs that turn on and off based on automations. Generally the issue is that one or both will not turn off when they are scheduled to. When this happens the app the bulb as being offline. Power cycling will bring the bulb back online sometimes. The bulbs are in the same room as my router so I am sure that it’s not a WIFI signal strength issue. By contrast, I have a color bulb that has 2 walls between the bulb and the router and there is never an issue.

Yep I see this too with the White Bulb. Close to router as well. I checked my history once and it showed error once but not any clue as what kind of error. Other times
no errors and the bulb is not on or didn’t go off. I only have 2 bulbs.