Bulb connection issue

I get a problem that I think is similar/related but with the Wyze Bulb Color. I think it is an IP address issue. I can’t figure it out, but even though my bulbs show a different IP addresses in my router’s app, Whenever I get a power outage, for whatever reason, I only get 3 of 4 bulbs to work thereafter. Then I must “block” all 4 of them in my router’s app, then power cycle the router, then add them back 1 by 1. Then all seems perfect until I lose power again in a few months. Maybe it’s my router (TP Link RE603X Extender). That’s the best way I can explain a possible solution. I do think it is a Wyze product issue. I am not sufficiently knowledgeable about networking to permanently fix the issue or explain it better. I just found a tedious fix and thankfully I don’t get power outages more than a 2-3 times a year. I use a Samsung Android phone to access everything mentioned here.

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Each bulb will have it’s own IP address. However, when the power is cycled on the bulbs, each should log back into the router for a new IP assignment.

A couple questions:

  • Is it always the same bulb every time or is it a random one of the 4?
  • Are the bulbs in a group together?
  • When this happens, rather than going thru the router, have you tried to power cycle just that one bulb to see if it will regain connection (switch off\on once or unscrew and reinsert)?
  • You mentioned that your bulbs are on a network extender. Is this a seperate SSID network extender from the main Router or an extension of the base WiFi Router SSID network?

Since you said you have to block all 4 bulbs, it sounds like the bulb is logging in and getting an IP from the WiFi extender, it just isn’t coming back online with the app.