My Wyze bulb stopped working

You can’t do a warranty replacement with wyze for them. This happened to all 4 of my bulbs. I tried to get a warranty replacement. “Sorry, we don’t have any in stock and don’t know if or when we will get them back in stock. We’ll just give you a store credit to buy some of the V2 White bulbs.” Then when I go to try to order a 4-pack of the new ones, “the requested qty is not available” despite the website indicating they are in stock. I am getting VERY upset at this point!!!

You won’t get an exchange. They don’t have any in stock and they don’t know if they will get them back in stock. They will simply give you store credit instead of eating the $2 difference between those and the new V2 bulbs. Oh, and like I said in my reply to the other guy, you can’t even order the new ones right now. They look like they are available on the site, but when you try to add them to your cart it’ll tell you it can’t.

This is news to me. After going back and forth with support over my 4 bulbs stopping working, they never once offered this information to me.

Did you order from the website and not the site on the app?

I never use the app for anything other than controlling the devices. Any ordering I do are via the website. I did look at the app, though, just a minute ago and it looks like you can order the V2 bulbs from there. Only problem with that is, I can’t use my store credit on there as payment.

I was able to finally order the V2 bulbs. I think they were having troubles on their web backend that was handling all the data.

Take that back. The order isn’t even showing on the “My Orders” screen. So, I’m not sure if it actually was received or not. I was charged the money for it, so I’m hoping it was. I think the store website has some MAJOR issues right now.