Wyze Bulb Color bulbs no longer work

Is anyone else having issues with their Wyze Bulb Color bulbs? I have been happy with the non-color bulbs, but the color ones have been nothing but a disappointment. Most of them have started disconnecting, then eventually just stopped working all together. This seems strange. Is there a recall that I’m unaware of? Thank you for anyone that reaponds.

I also have been having issues setting up new lights. One light that I had previously set up will no longer connect as I switched from a router to mesh system.

I have definitely been having issues with my Wyze Bulb as well i have it set up on my old Android phone, and then bought new iPhone and tried to unsync from old device to new and lights will not do anything at this point? I am certainly started to feel answered questions to the support team is not being answered. I’m feeling unimportant at this point. Hope someone helps you guys out with your problems!

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Was also on an older android phone (Samsung Galaxy S8, Android ver. 9) Cameras and my outdoor plug connected “as new” fine, but light bulbs were my struggle.

I share the same feeling about support being a bit lacking. I ended up using my partner’s iphone and had success setting my original light back up.

Seriously, can someone who works at Wyze please address my post? There HAS to be some sort of a recall on these bulbs. I just purchased a 4 pack on Amazon a few weeks ago, and two bulbs are already defective. One of them are completely burned out and the other one will no longer change color. It functions like a normal wyze bulb, where I can only change the color temperature from soft white to bright white. I already had to replace 4 other bulbs (not including the two that are currently defective) because they completely burned out after just two years of use. I’m getting tired of dealing with this.

this is user to user forum. Have you called Wyze support or put in a trouble ticket?