Wyze Bulb does not Auto Reconnect?

Recently I have needed to restart my router, but none of the WiFi credentials have changed. Every time the WiFi disconnects/restarts, the bulbs (obviously) go offline from the app, However, the bulbs never put themselves back online, so far they have always required a total factory reset to be paired with the app again. There has to be a faster way to reconnect the bulbs to WiFi other than manually going through the full set up process, right?? I’m on android, but I’m sure this is present in both android and IOS.
If I have a house full of light bulbs, I don’t want to continue to manually reset each bulb one by one every time the WiFi goes out/resets…


Hi @dylan.veliz , and welcome to the community. This sounds like it may be a possible router issue. To put this in context, I had an older Netgear R7000 router that was great in my home until I started connecting several smart (IoT) devices to it. I started getting drops with some of my devices. If you have a lot of devices, have you checked with the manufacturer of your router to see if there is a limit per band (2.5 and 5 Ghz)?

Hello, thank you for the response!

But my issue is not that the bulbs randomly disconnect or cause router issues, they connect to my router just fine (2Ghz) and stay connected. Even with my Wyze Bulbs, I dont have any connection issues on any of my devices. The issue I’m having is, for one example, there was a power outage that lasted no more than 3 minutes, which obviously power cycles the router and modem.

Once the power and WiFi came back, everything reconnected to the internet (my desktop, laptop, smart tv, firestick, printer, etc.), however, the Wyze Bulbs never reconnected by themselves, I even waited a full 24 hours as an experiment, but they remained “Offline” in the Wyze App. The only way to reconnect them, as I said, was to do a full reset with the each bulb manually (power cycle the light switch 3 times, connect to bulb on the phone, etc).


Same here… If the Wyze bulbs lose their WiFi connection, (due to a power outage, or if internet service is temporarily lost), they have a hard time reconnecting… I have a wyze bulb that refuses to reconnect following a router reboot… Been 3 days now. I’ve “power cycled” it at least a dozen times, in hopes it would reconnect… But, no luck yet…

I’ve had the same problem with the two other bulbs I have installed and configured…

over the last few weeks, they have randomly dropped off line, and refused to connect… for hours, or days at a time. (Meanwhile, all the devices all around them are working perfectly.)

All my other devices reconnected without issue…

Pretty sure I’m done with the “bulb” experiment/experience…

When they are connected and working, they were fabulous… but if every 2 or 3 days they randomly go offline for a day or two …what’s the point?


It sounds like the bulbs are trying to reconnect to the router before it’s ready to accept connections, and then they timeout. After the router is fully up, you should be able to turn off the switch to each bulb for a short time (10 seconds), then power the bulb back up. It should reconnect to the router at that time. If not…

Keep in mind that this forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, please file a Support Request. Depending on the nature of the problem, rather than use the website link, it is helpful to submit an App Log and/or a Firmware Log.

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I recently had 2 power outages (I believe) where I wasn’t home for the first one, but I was told the power went out for 5 minutes (by a neighbor). When I got home everything was fine with all of the bulbs (cameras and sensors as well).

The 2nd time it went out it was for 1 minute and when it came back on all of my bulbs were on and set @ 100% and bright white. While this is annoying it’s not an issue. The problem is that they didn’t reconnect, I left them on for a good 10 minutes and kept checking the app to see if they would reconnect. I thought that they would hook back up, after a few minutes, but it didn’t happen. I’m lost as to why they would one time but not the next. I’m going to double check the first power loss to make sure it did happen (but I reset my clock on microwave so I’m sure it did). Has anyone else had this problem? They still aren’t connected now and I’m reluctant to reset them all and set them back up if this will keep happening.

FYI I do have all of my smart home stuff connected to a separate AP. While I trust Wyze, I don’t trust all the partners and limited security that’s built into all of the iot devices. I also do this so I can reboot my modem and router without those devices losing connection to the AP.

Same issue here, bulbs will not reconnect to after a power outage. I have to manually turn them off at the switch for 20-30 seconds then turn them back on for them to reconnect.

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Has anyone heard back on this issue? I’ve got two connected and both lost their configurations when the power cycled… Cannot claim the router is the issue since it’s on a UPS and nothing else in my house is refusing to connect (PC’s, iPads, phones, RPi’s, thermostats, wyze cameras, etc)
I did send them a support ticket, but so far… :frowning:

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I’m having the same issue with all three of my bulbs, Nothing seems to bring them back online except running through the entire setup procedure. I purchased these as a crime deterrent as an option to old-school timers, but if they drop off the network when I’m away, the house is dark with no way to reset them. Has anyone found a way to bring them online without have to be physically at the bulb and re-pairing with the router? (I’m on iOS, app version V2.5.45) Thank you!

I’ve had my first experience with this after purchasing the starter pack with 3 bulbs. One bulb is in my front porch fixture, on the same switch with (4) regular bulbs in fixtures next to my overhead garage doors. I switch off these lights as I leave in the morning. That interrupts the WiFi to the Wyze bulb, yes. I’d expect like most other WiFi devices it would reconnect. No dice. What’s the answer?

It should reconnect, although if you’ve just turned it on after cutting power, it may take a few minutes for that to happen.

If you can’t get it to reconnect at all, you probably need to set it up again. (Add new product in the app, and power cycle 3 times to get it into pairing mode again) After you’ve done that, make sure you’ve downloaded the latest firmware update for the bulb. You may also want to look at the bulb’s connection strength in the app to make sure that isn’t causing any issues.

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I didn’t think to check the signal strength. I swapped in a different one of the three Wyze bulbs and it connected.

I am having the same problem. My Wyze camera would auto connect but not the bulb. I am done with the bulb if this persists.

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Have you turned in a support ticket for this?

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Yesterday, one of my 5 bulbs failed to reconnect after my router rebooted. When it wouldn’t reconnect, I disconnected it from power for about 10 minutes and reconnected it, then waited 5 minutes to see if it would connect automatically again. It didn’t, so I just put it into pairing mode again and re-added it. Everything seems fine again. It was a minor annoyance, but not the end of the world. I sent my logs to Wyze before and after resetting the bulb, in case they can glean anything from it.

As long as you were on site it’s not an annoyance but being remote could be.

I swapped in another of the bulbs that came in the starter kit, and had the same problem. There’s a wifi repeater not 20 ft from the bulb. The wifi repeater is in the entry hallway and the bulb is on the front porch.

For what, like vacation mode? Still doesn’t seem like the end of the world. But otherwise, I wouldn’t be using my bulbs remotely.

I use dedicated, reliable timers for my vacation mode. I live in vacation mode year round. There is no need to touch most light switches in the house. If I go to work in the morning and have to fly somewhere with no notice, my house is ready. If I die, the lights will continue to function, as long as the energy bill is covered. If a power outage occurs, the timers easily recover with internal backup batteries.

If I lose cams while in vacation I probably won’t care. You can’t trust these Wyze cams for security or so I heard.

I use my Wyze bulbs just for illumination in my media room.

Anyone still having this problem? I’m like you jmc, I have my modem, router, and PoE switch (that connects to my two APs) on a UPS. I haven’t lost connection to a device in a long time. If I have it’s been due to an AP that is in my garage (I live in Michigan) due to temperature. But I fixed that so it’s been smooth sailing since