All 8 Color Bulbs stop responding! only two still respond -- no help from WYZE

As the heading says all my color bulbs stop responding only two still respond to the app. I deleted and then paired the bulbs successfully but the bulbs paired dont respond to the app!!! But whats more interesting I sent the log to WYZE, I emailed WYZE and called all resulting with no response (as expected) - Its as if WYZE went under. At this point I will delete and reinstall the app. Im sure all my seven cams and power outlets will have to be reinstalled . What I dont know is if the bulbs will then work and if the cams will work also, Ill keep all updated to the progress but I will wait till after xmass as I will be needing the cams for security

Remove power from them,then power back up

Can you tell me more about the call to Support where you say you got no response? Logs themselves do not get a response, you need to contact support after submitting a log to start the ticketing process. That can be done by online chat or over the phone.

If you reinstall the app, you wouldn’t need to install anything. Just delete the app if you want to try that route, reinstall, login and your device list will populate the new app and look just like it did before. The device list and settings are saved to the cloud, not your device.

Is there something else going on that you’re other devices we’ll all need to be reinstalled? As far as your bulbs, I would do like @kae4560 stated and just power cycle the bulbs and wait to see if they come back online. The large Amazon outage yesterday affected a lot of wyze products including bulbs. All my bulbs were offline all day yesterday but came back up after today.


Sorry for the inconvenience. For the bulbs didn’t respond to the app after re-binding, are they showing offline on the app? Could you please try to power cycle these bulbs and see if they can go back online? Thank you very much.

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Submitted a log and then later sent the log ID via the Chat along with a desc.
Phone# to call is hidden somewhere I remember seeing once by accident.
I tried finding again but to no avil, could only see a bunch of help topics.

I read the issue that Amazon AWS was down or something but had no idea that the
Light Bulbs were dependent on AWS. After you mention that the configuration was stored in the cloud for for the devices. So basically all I had to do is wait for Amazon to come back up.

I was able to pair the bulbs and all is working. Now I am going to figure out were I saw the phone# for support, I know I saw it somewhere.

Thanks for your support!

There is a contact page right on the main site that states the phone number, plus a search of the forums here it has been stated a bunch. That could be where you saw it.

ok i see it, 206 number. I remember going there

Yes I made a HUGE mistake i uninstalled the bulbs from the app now it is impossible to add them back if I had simply waited they would have come back. I have not been successful in contacting support but have seen others with same issue