Color Bulbs won’t update

Is anyone else having issues with updating their Color Bulbs? No matter how many times I try, they won’t update

I have 4 of them (in the same fixture) and I never experienced this.
Is it a new setup? Did you try to reset them?

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Try turning them off in app then doing the update.

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Thanks. The three that won’t update are showing “ Internet off line.” This isn’t true though, all other devices ate working correctly. Any other ideas?

They need to be online before they can be updated. Have you checked power to them? Movies then to a different fixture? Try and set up as new again (don’t delete first)?


I just ordered and received the 2-bulb bundle and am having the same issue with both. In fact, look at both the current and updated versions. First, according to the change log (also attached), the updated version is for the old v1 device, not the v2 (2023) one. Is this really all Wyze is selling? Because I see only 1 listing for bulb colors. Second, the current version doesn’t even show in the log as a valid version for either device. And I’ve tried updating both bulbs 3 times already with no luck.

Any help please?