Wyze bulb issue

I interpreted that to mean it DOES follow the location (not the bulb), which would mean my original advice to increase WiFi signal availability is valid.

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Hmmm, I guess I read it as “the bad bulb was swapped to the other side and "It’s less of a issue on the other side, only because it don’t disconnect as much.”. As in the bad bulb was still having an issue, but not as bad in the other location.

Just waiting to hear back from the OP. Thanks for the note!

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Interesting. How would you increase WiFi availability?

My issue is kind of mixed: It will follow the bulb and it will affect bulbs plugged into an lamp which another bulb was having issues.

I see the issue a lot when when the camera’s are recording a lot of events. When this happens, my older plugs will also go offline. Then when things calm down, they will come back online.

I am tracking. However, Wyze has indicated that they found the issue with the bulb and will release the fix with a FW update. The update has not come out yet. I will try to find the post I received.

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Signal is not the issue. As I said in another post. I reconnected it this morning, it has stayed connected all day so far. It’s only after some random thing makes it lose it connection, it never tries to reconnect. Just sits there, doing nothing, till I manually power it off & back on.

Not the bulb all 4 do it
Not location, will do it in other fixture just not as often

Not router, no connection attempts logged & router is rated for longer than 60 feet :joy:

Any slight interference or whatever & boom, bulb loses connection, won’t reconnect on its own, & takes hours to show up in the app unless I connect & disconnect it multiple times.

You have mentioned a couple of times that the bulb does not attempt to reconnect. How do you know its supposed to be trying to reconnect. I understand in a perfect world, every WiFi device should be trying to reconnect when it drops off line. But who says, that these bulbs are designed - firmware designed/programmed to reconnect when they drop offline?

My line of questioning is along the lines of why is it loosing connection in the first place, as apposed to why isn’t it reconnecting. I think both of these issues are at play here.

Reasons for connection loss could be defective bulbs, outside signal interference, issue with wifi source, etc.
Reasons for lack of reconnection could be firmware programming, software bug, defective bulbs etc.

Like @Sam_Bam mentioned, we don’t know what the firmware is programmed to do( try and reconnect for X then stop?) when there is a loss of connection. Maybe it’s doing what it’s programmed to do, which I wouldn’t say is an bug, it just needs to be adjusted for a better user experience. I am curious if the change in the next firmware is an actual bug fix, or just a reprogramming.


They should automatically reconnect, as all Wyze devices should. Mainly because they all receive their commands from servers.

That said, that IS a weak signal. Fringe, in fact. It may be quite hit-and-miss, and would be vulnerable to interference for sure, so look for any possibilities there. You might not even see any connection attempts that far out.

Do you have a bulb closer to the router you can swap it with? Might be interesting to see if both bulbs work after swapping. That might indicate a bulb with a weak radio.

Also, the Beta firmware you have installed has been in Beta for over 6 months. When I asked why they haven’t released it yet, they just said “said they aren’t sure if they are going with it”. So too bad we can’t try backing up to the last released version.

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For a weak signal, it’s still connected all day today. Again, it’s only if it loses connection it don’t reconnect & my router logs show any connection attempt. If it’s close enough for router to see it, it shows in the logs. Zip, nothing after it loses the connection.

Seems to also be a late at night or early AM, 12 midnight to 4-5 am it loses connection.

Now I get I might be getting some interference somewhere, but the bulb should be attempting to reconnect till it does.

To the other guy, have 4 bulbs 3 have done it so far. 4th I told it not to update the firmware. It’s still using :joy:. Next disconnect I’ll swap it in & see what happens.

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Router logs show no reconnect attempts. None. Zero, 0.

I power it off & back on the logs light up with it attempting to, connecting, then authentication compleat & connected.

So no, not attempting X times then stopping as far as I can tell.

At some point I’d consider updating that one to the current released version of There were several stability improvements in between.

So why would they not be? Why would you want a smart bulb that won’t smartly reconnect to WiFi, so you can work it as intended from the app? What would be the point of a bulb like that?

Yea I’ll have to drop out of beta first, then update it I think. Don’t know how to update manually. Might try tonight.

You should be able to go to the Account tab > About > Beta Program, and deselect the Wyze Bulb for Beta firmware updates. Then you should only see up to the last released version. Red flag if that says .313, tho.

I think you and I both agree it should be attempting to reconnect. I have no idea if it doesn’t why it does not. My point simply is that we don’t know that they are doing until they show us or we believe them it attempts (if we believe them). It could simply be they didn’t think through the connection routines/cycles when they were designing that firmware version. Maybe next one will. We don’t know.

Ok. Bulb 4 updated to the non-beta firmware & installed. Took 10 mins for it to show as online.

At some point last night, after all that time, bulb 3 disconnected & never reconnected. Let’s see how long bulb 4 lasts on that firmware.

That didn’t take long. Seems bulb 4 disconnected but did reconnect, I think. It’s connected to my router but shows offline in the app.

So now it’s 1/2 the issue. I’d still have to power it off and on till it shows back as online in the app.

Sent in a log. ID: 235934

Any update on the firmware for this yet?

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