Bulbs offline and won't reconnect

Last night 13 of my bulbs went offline. When I open the app, I get a popup that tells me to connect my phone to the same network as the bulbs. It already is. So now half of my bulbs won’t work. I really don’t have any desire to delete and add them back in. Been working twelve hour days, six days a week for the last two months, and just really don’t have the time. If I have to add them back in, I may as well just buy new lights. Between bulbs, cameras, sense products, plugs and the door lock, the plugs are the only item that don’t give me any trouble.

Have you tried power cycling? (Unplug then plug back in the lampoon fixture)

Yes. Nothing has worked so far.

Just had a chat with support, and they are trying to tell me how to setup the bulbs. They even want me to cycle them into setup mode. All I want is for them to reconnect. I don’t think I have a wyze product that isn’t a problem with the exception of my plugs

I have the same issue, my light bulb in my home office went offline, tried adding it back to my app and no luck…can’t connect

This is one of the main troubleshooting steps. I’d try 1 or 2 bulbs and see how it works!

I unscrewed the bulb from the socket and reinstalled it and then added the device…and it worked!

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It does work, however, I have nine bulbs that are in ceiling fixtures with an individual cage over each one, and one is in my attic. I work six days a week for almost 70 hours. After a 12 hour shift with a 30-40 minute drive each way, dragging out ladders and spending several hours to do this with 13 bulbs isn’t appealing. I’m kind of sorry I got rid of my Hue bulbs now. I am nearly 60 years old, and just want things that work, and time is showing me that Wyze isn’t particularly reliable. I have had to troubleshoot almost every device that I bought from them with the exception of the plugs

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